Maurizio Pecoraro Autumn 2012 Milan Fashion Week


Beautiful, bold, bright color! 

And multiple layers of texture.


Maurizio Pecoraro Autumn 2012 

was deliciously vibrant and textured.

From perfectly belted trenches to separates

colors popped, hemlines rose a little,

and the overall effect was simple yet exciting.

Definitely on the most coveted list!


Alberta Ferretti Autumn 2012 Milan Fashion Week

There were so many incredible pieces at

Alberta Ferretti Autumn 2012

Milan Fashion Week.

It was a case of not just hitting the “want” and “need” buttons,

but holding my finger down on the “crave” button! 

The purple coat did me in.

What is beyond crave???

Dark Glamour Gucci Autumn 2012

Musketeers and water nymphs ruled

 the runway at Gucci Autumn 2012

kicking off Milan Fashion Week with an array of see though dresses, heavy velvet capes, military style jackets and huge lapels.

“This is modern-day romanticism. A dramatic sensuality, a dark glamour. 

subtle tones of provocative intellect,” designer Frida Giannini said.

Most definitely a dark glamour,

models fearlessly stalked the runway in deep plum lips, 

sculpted cheeks and absent brows,

shooting looks to kill

as long hair flowed behind them.