10 Things A Girl’s Gotta Have For Summer

For the northern hemisphere girls summer is halfway over. You’ve no doubt got a little color to your skin, you’ve got that fresh faced glow happening, maybe you’re coming home from a vacation, maybe you’re getting ready to go on one.

Here are 10 Things A Girl’s Gotta Have For Summer

Facial SPF
Don’t use your regular sunscreen – it will break your skin out.
Instead select a non greasy, non pore clogging Facial SPF with
a protection factor of at least 30. I use 85 and 100.


Add Some Shine To Your Hair
Chlorine, salt water, dry air can all leave your locks looking less than lusterous.
Spritzing on a little Bumble and Bumble Shine On
will not only give you some glossiness, but will tame the frizz
and let you have a little definition to the ends.


Skin Rescue Spray
Hot weather can add extra stress to your skin, whether its sunburn (gasp!)
windburn, dry air, humid air, travel – you name it.
Keep a rescue spray on hand, such as skynICELAND‘s amazing Arctic Mist Spray.
It gives your skin instant relief while fortifying it with nutrients.

Bright Nails

Liven things up a little with a bold, bright nail color.
Leave the nudes and the dark shades behind – they’ll be back in the fall!
Bright, vibrant nails look fantastic with a summer tan.

Raspberry Lipgloss

You’ve got a gorgeous summer golden complexion (hopefully from a bottle)
now compliment it with a raspberry popsicle kiss.
The blue undertones in raspberry will make your teeth look super white
and your lips look super ripe!
(shown here, Smashbox Lipgloss in 24/7)


Add A Gold Accent
And I do mean accent.
A soft gold shadow, or a little gold pressed into the inner corner of the eye
can wake the eye up and compliment your tan.
When adding gold to your look choose one area and stick to it.

Big Sunglasses
Big, dark glasses not only look uber chic, but the protect the skin around your eyes
from the sun’s harmful, damaging, aging rays too….

Makeup Forever Aqualiners

Searing hot temperatures, a dip in the pool, diving into the ocean –
regardless of what you’re doing, these waterproof, sweatproof, tearproof liners
can stand up to anything, and keep you looking vibrant, chic and glam!

Give your skin a sexy glow with Nars Illuminate in Orgasm.
And frankly, who can ever get enough?
Mix into your foundation or moisturizer, or maybe just add a little to your cheeks.
It looks straight up gorgeous along your collar bones, over your bare shoulders and down your bare shins too!

A Fabulous Big Hat
Take fabulous to a whole new level with a super stylish big hat!
Protect your hair, your haircolor, your ears and your skin and rock a little glamor while you’re at it.

image source Naperville Magazine, photographer Michael Dar

Be Travel Ready With 3floz.com

If you a travel a lot (like me) or even if you only travel a little, this is a fabulous website to know about.

3Floz.com offers more than 50 well known brands’ skin care, hair care and sun products in TSA friendly
3 fluid ounce mini packs, that meet the guidelines for not only domestic, but also international air travel carry on items.

If you’re not one for taking skin care/hair care/sun protection products on board with you, they are also ideally sized for vacation and business travel.

Airlines are enforcing strict restrictions on baggage weight and size, with hefty fines attached, so any opportunity you have to effectively downsize your packing can end up saving you a fortune!

I don’t recommend starting a new skin care regime while traveling (with the exception of rescue products) as travel stresses your skin out anyway, and new products can exacerbate a freaked out complexion.

If you don’t see your existing brand of skin care on the 3Floz.com website, purchase small, plastic containers to put your own products into.

On 3Floz.com you can purchase pre-made kits, or simply buy items individually.

Check out some of the cool products and travel solutions available on 3Floz.com

Lulu Powers Party Planning

I just got back from spending a few days in Hollywood, where all work aside, I got to go to some completely fabulous parties.

Lulu Powers is one of Hollywood’s premiere celebrity party planners and caterers. Her events have a very distinct flair to them, and thanks to her gorgeous book, Lulu Powers From Food To Flowers, they are also quite duplicatable.
One of the events I was at this week was a Lulu Powers inspired event. This got me thinking (over several of her famous Bambootinis) now that we are in the summer party season, that some of you may be interested in her tips for how to throw a last minute party.

Lulu Powers From Food To Flowers is my entertaining bible. I constantly pull ideas from her book, whether it is flower arrangements in my house, cool drinks to serve at my pool parties, or fantastic finger foods that keep people talking for months to come.
If you are new to entertaining, or if it feels overwhelming to you, Lulu has lists of what to keep in your pantry for last minute entertaining, timelines for how to structure your day so that everything runs smoothly, even creative serving ideas.
On her blog, amongst other things, you can find playlists to download for your party. Its fabulous!

Here are a couple of ideas for a little impromptu summer bash a la Lulu.

Bypass fussy arrangements in favor of plants that live in your garden. Try positioning low bowls of one color flower offset with moss on tables and shelves at a variety of different heights.

Sweet and Spicy Tacos

Lulu’s recipe for sweet and spicy tacos is both quick and easy, and everyone loves them! (you’ll find it in her book on page 232)
She also has delicious recipes for chips and dips that are not only divine, but make your event so memorable.


In hot weather you can’t beat icy cold wedges of watermelon for dessert.
Sprinkle with sea salt, a dash of lime and a pinch of cayenne pepper.

Lulu’s book has some fantastic recipes for her signature cocktails too.
I haven’t put a cocktail recipe on the blog for a while, but this one is refreshing and totally perfect for a summer get together.

The Lulu Powers Key Lime Martini

1 cup pineapple juice
3 tablespoons Torani vanilla syrup
3 tablespoons sweet and sour mix
juice of one lime
1 cup vodka (I use Grey Goose)
Jolly Rancher Lollipops

Shake the pineapple juice, syrup, sweet and sour mix, lime juice and vodka in a cocktail shaker with ice.
Serve in martini glasses garnished with a Jolly Rancher Lollipop.

(or make a carafe of them and place next to a bowl of crushed ice, and let your guests pour their own!)

You can find Lulu Powers From Food To Flowers in bookstores, or for instant gratification, here is the Amazon link.
Make sure you check out her blog, Living A La Lulu