5 Things Women With Perfect Skin Always Do

image by Eric Cassee

5 Things
Women With Perfect Skin Always Do

We all know
them – women with perfect, gorgeous, flawless skin.

They all
live in different places and use different skin care products, so the answer
isn’t a magic serum or lotion or potion. (Although I swear by all the lotions
and potions that I use, and won’t trade in a single one of them!)

There are 5
things that women with perfect skin all do, and that no matter which skin care
products you are using, if you’re not doing these 5 things you won’t make it to
skin care perfection.

They Exercise


They all do
some form of exercise regularly. (Not necessarily running marathons – you have
to be super careful as an outdoor runner to keep your skin and yourself
hydrated and to be saturated in facial SPF) Be it yoga or spin class or hiking
or going to the gym, girls with perfect skin all move their bodies one way or

They Drink Lots Of Water

 jennifer aniston smart water

You can’t
have perfect skin and be dehydrated. It’s a simple equation – great skin needs
tons of water. Just for basic good health your body needs 8 glasses of water
each day, great skin likes a little more.

Girls with
perfect skin tend to shy away from high sugar drinks, avoid sodas, limit coffee
and tea and only drink alcohol sparingly.

They Make Sleep A Priority

Image result for model sleeping
Image via davelackie.com

enough sleep you will never have perfect skin.

JLo, who is
famous for her spectacular skin says she gets 10 hours sleep per night. I
cannot even imagine what it must feel like to have the kind of support with
home and children that enables you to just rack out each night for 10 hours!
For those of us that fall into the mere mortal category 8 hours each night is
the ideal for good health and for great skin.

They Eat Clean 

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What you put
into your body will be reflected on your skin.

Women with
perfect skin tend to eat a pretty clean diet, most of the time. The occasional
slice of pizza or drive through meal probably doesn’t hurt, but in general
these women avoid those foods like the plague, opting instead for diets rich in
fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, quality fats (like avocado).

They Use The
Right Cleanser

 memebox oil cleanser

I can’t
stress how important this is! Sensitive skin, dry skin, irritated skin so often
are caused and exacerbated by using the wrong formula of cleanser. The wrong cleansers
can strip the good oils from the skin, sometimes making the skin desperately
make more oil, other times leaving it roughed up and dry. Women with perfect
skin use cleansers that dissolve and remove makeup and cleanse away impurities
and balance their skin.

My favorite cleanser is Memebox I’m Cleansing Oil, available online at Memebox.com

New Year New You ~ 10 Habits Of Women With Beautiful Skin

Although some lucky girls are born with beautiful skin, most of us are not. For most of us beautiful skin is something we work to have. And for those of you born with it, it is something to work to maintain. (otherwise like your youth you will wake up one day to find it has gone.)

Katie Bunn by Eric Cassee

New Year, New You ~ here are 10 habits that women with beautiful skin already have, and that you need to develop this year to give you beautiful skin.

10 Habits Of Women With Beautiful Skin.

1. They never go to bed with their makeup on.

No matter how late they get home, no matter how tired they are, women with beautiful complexions cleanse their skin every single night before bed.

And don’t believe the swirl-tap-buff crowd when they tell you their crushed mineral foundations are safe to sleep in. Never sleep in your makeup.

2. They never leave the house without sunscreen.

Nothing, and I mean nothing ages your skin as badly as sun damage.

Although a bad burn at the beach is detrimental, its the everyday exposure to the sun that causes the most damage. Walking from your car to the office, walking across the street, even driving your car – the daily exposure to sunlight that we think absolutely nothing of ages us more than anything.

Women with beautiful skin wear a free standing facial spf (not just one that’s built into their moisturizer) every single day.

3. They drink plenty of water.

Skin cells, like any other cells in the body are made up of water. Without water they cannot function at their highest level. If your skin is not getting enough water, the lack of hydration presents itself by making the skin dry, tight and flaky. Dry skin is less resiliant and more prone to wrinkling. Drinking plenty of water helps the skin to look luminous and vibrant.

4. They get their beauty sleep.

Nighttime is when your skin repairs and restores itself. If you get enough sleep your skin cells can rest and refuel. 

Ideally you need 8 hours of sleep per night. Your body releases growth hormone during the last stage of sleep, so unless you are getting 8 to 8 1/2 hours of sleep you are missing out on that last burst of growth hormone. Growth hormone plays a role in bringing blood supply to the skin surface, oxygenating the skin and improving the overall luster and tone of the skin.

5. They use retinA or a retinol product regularly. (or every night)

Everyone over the age of 35 should be using a retinol or retinoid product. (RetinA is the stronger, prescription only product)

Starting in your 30’s your skin begins to break down more collagen and to make less. Less collagen leas to more wrinkling, sagging and uneven skintone. RetinA helps to stimulate collgen synthesis at the same time slowing the activity of the enzymes that break down collagen.

The skin also appears smoother and firmer.

Your skin might feel irritated at first, so start by applying a very thin layer every 3rd or 4th night, and build your way up to every night.

6. They have regular facials.

There are many benefits to having regular facials. Starting with the fact that they are so relaxing! A little pampering can go a long way, plus there is so much benefit to the steaming, the deep cleansing, the massaging, the masks – all of it.

Your facialist is going to get to areas you miss with your daily skin care routines, and she is going to use professional grade products that are more high performance than those you use at home.

7. They make good use of their dermatologist.

From chemical peels to microdermabrasion, from microneedling to laser treatments – there are so many treatments available to take your skin to the next level of fabulous. Women with beautiful skin tend to avail themselves of many of them.

8. They make good use of injectables.
And not bad use of injectables.
When injectables are done well they look completely natural, and nothing like the fish lipped, over inflated, mask of horror, completely artificial look that you see everywhere (especially Scottsdale, where I live).
Injectables when done correctly can gently smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, add volume back into sagging facial features, and generally keep everything looking good.
The key is to go to someone really brilliant at injecting. Don’t buy a deal on groupon, don’t shop your a bargain – it quite literally will be written all over your face! Do your research and find the best people in your town or city and have a look at their work before you buy.

9. They don’t overdo it.
Women with beautiful skin keep balance in their skin care, and all their ancillary treatments. They don’t go overboard with injectables or laser treatments, or peels and microderm treatments. Everything in moderation.

10. They master flawless makeup application techniques.
Women with beautiful skin keep their skin well moisturized and then do their makeup flawlessly. (makeup grabs onto dry skin and looks cakey).
Beautiful skin covered in a thick layer of gunky makeup no longer looks like beautiful skin. It just looks awful. Choosing the right formulation and shade of foundation, applying it sparingly and evenly and understanding that the job of foundation is to make the skin look like flawless, beautiful skin are all key components.
Foundation needs to look luminous and sheer, not thick or opaque.

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image credits:
Photographer Eric Cassee
Model Katie Bunn
Hair Will Zecco
Makeup Corinna Cooke