Ouidad Product Launch And Giveaway!

Hey there curly girls this one’s for you!!

I am super excited to tell you about FOUR new products that curly hair company Ouidad has just released to make your spring and summer perfectly curl-iscious!

Ouidad Advanced Climate Control For Curly Hair

Win all four Ouidad Advanced Climate Control products!

If you were following me last year you will have seen that I used the travel sized Ouidad products to make my life easier (and retain the glam!) while I was on my Glam Italia Tours. We were diving off of chartered boats of the coasts of both Capri and Puglia, and swimming in the Mediterranean and the Adriatic, which was absolutely amazing, but could have been fraught with hair anxiety for me if not for Ouidad! My once wavy hair has become super curly, but not pretty curly. I always say that when left to it’s own devices my hair looks like a really bad home perm gone drastically wrong. If you are a curly girl then you already know how something as simple as swimming, or being in humidity can be a glamour buzzkill. Having Ouidad with me meant that I could swim as much as I wanted. The combination of the Advanced Climate Control Heat And Humidity Gel to let my hair air dry into perfect curls, casually done without a mirror while sailing around the coast of Capri, and their Moisture Lock Leave In Conditioner, which was my favorite beauty product of the summer and possibly of the year, meant that I could swim and still have pretty hair.

Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Set

On April 3rd Ouidad launched four Advanced Climate Control products designed to keep the frizz at bay while you rock your curly girl glam.

Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Defrizzing Shampoo

Curl and frizz control start in the shower, so the first product is the new Advanced Climate Control Defrizzing Shampoo. This sulphate free cleanser maintains your curl’s protective barrier, has silk proteins to seal the cuticle, holding in moisture and preventing frizz, and also contains UV Protectants.

Read more about Advanced Climate Control Defrizzing Shampoo here.

Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Defrizzing Conditioner

Curls crave moisture, so without very specific help that keeps moisture balanced and doesn’t weight the hair down, your hair will try to grab it from the atmosphere, which raises the cuticle and creates the dreaded frizz. Advanced Climate Control Defrizzing Conditioner prevents frizz and unwanted (and uncontrolled) volume, balances moisture to keep your curl defined and bouncy, while silk proteins and nano technology smooths the cuticle so you maintain glorious shine.

Read more about Advanced Climate Control Defrizzing Conditioner here

Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Detangling Heat Spray

Spritz, prime, protect, The Advanced Climate Control Detangling Heat Spray needs to be a permanent fixture in your beach bag! Not only does it prevent frizz and flyaways and unwanted volume, not only does it help detangle and make curls manageable,  not only does it have UV filters to protect your hair from environmental aggressors, but it also contains natural oils to nourish and moisturize your curls. Spritz it into your hair before you hit the water and it protects your hair while you’re swimming, use it as a primer before you start styling – curly girl meet your new best friend! And it smells amazing!

Read more about Advanced Climate Control Detangling Heat Spray here

Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel


Advanced Climate Control Heat And Humidity Gel is the ultimate curl styler. Trust me curly girl, this product will give you life! When you have curls you know that gels can make your hair look crunchy, kill any chance of movement in the hair, kill any natural bounce. But without a styling aid your curl, whether it be wavy or kinky, can take on a life of it’s own and give you too much volume with zero discipline. The Advanced Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel changes everything.

You don’t use this product like a regular gel, instead you divide your hair into four sections, run the gel through one section at a time, rake through it with your fingers, and then holding pieces of the section at the ends shake the curl up into the hair. Ouidad’s Rake and Shake technique is brilliant! It’s also super easy to do, easy enough that you can whip out fabulous curls without a mirror, on the deck of a boat, with no drama and no one knowing what you’re up to! Ouidad’s award winning Heat and Humidity Gel was upgraded with the Anti Frizz Nano Technology, so it’s even better than before!

Read more about Advance Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel here

Ouidad make all manner of hair products for hair that is anywhere from wavy to curly to full blown kinky. These new products are designed for all curl types, so wherever you are on the curly spectrum, this set is for you! They are not just for beach days and vacations, this is a product range for every day in the life of a curly girl.

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Now you have two options. You can order these products here on the Ouidad website, or you can enter to win a set of all four products.

I’m keeping it super simple for you! Make sure you enter via the Rafflecopter widget below. The Rafflecopter computer makes sure everything is legit and it picks the winner.

Good luck curly girl!!

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Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Giveaway

Simply Smooth Magic Potion

Want to know more about Simply Smooth Magic Potion?

Here is a product breakdown on this amazing hair care line.

I’m obsessed!


Simply Smooth keratin reparative magic potion has been an amazing success story and that success has been expanded on with the introduction of the Simply Smooth Magic Potion Collection. Known for its incredible capacity to “fix everything,” the new products in the collection include Magic Potion Shampoo, Magic Potion Conditioner, Magic Potion Blowout (a reparative blowout treatment) and Magic Potion Intense Blowout (an in salon professional reparative
blowout treatment).

The phenomenal new collection has the same attributes as Simply Smooth Magic Potion such as
botanically blended, keratin and collagen infused, color safe and sodium chloride free. What’s exciting?
The new additions are FREE of sulfate, paraben, and, to offer protection to people with wheat allergies, they are FREE of gluten! These new items deliver the same incredible magic potion qualities: detangle, hydrate, strengthen, calm frizz, tame flyaway hair, heal split ends, speed up blow dry time, create smoothness, thermal protection, etc., all with the intoxicating exotic aroma of pineapple coconut. The Simply Smooth Magic Potion Collection is safe on all hair types and is formulated to benefit hair whether or not a Simply Smooth professional keratin treatment has been applied. When used after a Simply Smooth professional keratin treatment, it will prolong its duration.

“Today’s consumer not only seeks fabulous hair, but also highly effective, quality, and socially
responsible ingredients,” says Doreen Guarneri, creator of Simply Smooth and owner of The Look Spa Salon in Greenlawn, New York. “Since the new Simply Smooth Magic Potion Collection is sodium chloride, sulfate and paraben free, along with color safe and botanically blended, these products are a win-win.” 

Simply Smooth xtend keratin reparative magic potion shampoo is a color safe, botanically blended,
keratin and collagen infused daily shampoo that is remarkably strengthening and repairing. This gentle
hair cleanser restores and revives, transforming the overall look and feel of all hair types. Unique
ingredients restore depleted keratin into hair fibers, repairing damage and building up to three times the
strength from within. Designed to deliver optimal anti-breakage benefits, this exceptional shampoo
reconstructs and protects the surface of the hair creating a healthy, brilliant shine. It’s the perfect
anecdote for dry and damaged hair! Helps calm frizz and keep hair smooth even in extreme humidity,
and consistent use will help protect hair from future damage. Sodium chloride, sulfate, paraben and
gluten free.

Simply Smooth xtend keratin reparative magic potion conditioner is a color safe, botanically
blended, high quality keratin and collagen infused, lavishly hydrating and reparative daily conditioner that will transform the overall look and feel of all hair types. Extraordinary detangler promotes ease of combing while imparting moisture to continually hydrate, reduce frizz, tame flyaways and leave hair smooth, silky and illuminating. Exclusive technology restores depleted keratin into hair fibers to seal cuticle, strengthen, restore and protect. High performance marine active ingredients provide color fade protection, preventing color washout and photo oxidation. The combination of strengthening and repairing, along with color-locking, revitalizes the hair from daily stresses and future damage resulting in healthy, lustrous, supple hair. Consistent use will improve the texture and quality leaving hair feeling and looking like it never has before. It’s the perfect anecdote for dry and damaged hair. Sodium chloride, sulfate and gluten free.

Simply Smooth xtend keratin reparative magic potion blowout (home use) delivers a bouncy,
voluminous, long lasting, easily achieved blow out that will transform the appearance of the hair and
reduce frizz for up to three shampoos. Along with creating an amazing style, Simply Smooth xtend
keratin reparative magic potion blowout increases hair’s strength to reinforce the cuticle; delivering anti-breakage benefits that dramatically improve damaged hair. By infusing botanicals, keratin and collagen into hair fibers, this extraordinary formula reconditions hair resulting in reduced frizz,  ease of combing, and reduced styling time. Excellent for dry and damaged hair as well as all hair types, it imparts intense hydration, prevents color washout, and adds thermal protection, leaving hair smooth, silky and lustrous. Adding heat will intensify the repair and Simply Smooth xtend keratin reparative magic potion blowout will activate easily with at home styling tools. Sodium chloride, sulfate and gluten free.

Simply Smooth xtend keratin reparative magic potion is a color safe, botanically blended, high quality keratin and collagen infused, all-purpose styling and conditioning potion that transforms hair
without adding weight. Outstanding elixir with nourishing proteins and healing botanicals instantly hydrates thirsty locks, detangles, seals cuticle, defrizzes and smoothes while adding thermal protection.
Unique formulation restores depleted keratin into hair fibersrestoring and rebuilding damaged hair,
enhancing strength and elasticity and protecting hair from future damage which results in improved hair growth. Vitamin and nutrient enriched botanicals stimulate a healthy scalp, promote volume, and enrich hair color, leaving hair with a luxurious satin smooth finish. Simply Smooth magic potion is a perfect
every day choice to be used alone or prior to using another Simply Smooth product as it FIXES EVERYTHING!

Carole’s Daughter Monoi Oil

Ever the product junkie

I was really excited to try out this fabulous hair oil.


Carole’s Daughter Monoi Oil

Carole’s Daughter Monoi Oil Strengthening Serum

is both a preventative serum, and a miracle oil

that repairs damage to the hair.

It’s silicone free, so is quite lightweight

making it a great choice for fine hair, but at the same time

is fabulous for thick hair like my own.

It controls frizz, gives a gorgeous shine to the hair,

while rebuilding the hair from the inside,

rather than just coating the outside.

There are multiple products in this line, 

all utilizing Monoi Oil from Tahiti.

They not only feel exotic, but smell exotic too.

To find shopping locations or to order online

click on the company website below:

Carole’s Daughter Monoi Oil