Midweek Wisdom #5

Don’t you just love this image?
Shirley Maclaine looking entirely fabulous in long black gloves and rhinestone glasses,
rocking a little PanAm-glam in 1960 at Idlewild airport,
on her way to Italy.


Shirley Maclaine traveling to Italy from Idlewild, 1960

Midweek Wisdom quote #5

Don’t let your past steal your future.

Move on.”

Midweek Wisdom and Airport Celebs # 2

Happy first Wednesday of 2015!

Today’s midweek wisdom is right on point

with a great attitude to wear like a second skin

all year long.

And it’s paired with a photo of Cher

at JFK in 1974

Cher at JFK, 1974

“The less you give a damn,

the happier you will be”


Iconic Nico

As a makeup artist you spend an enormous amount of time researching everything under the sun.

You have to know where it’s been to know where it’s going.
You have to have a vast knowledge encompassing every iconic moment.

It’s fabulous.

Iconic Nico

Tonight I have been compiling iconic images of German singer, songwriter, model, actress, heroin addict, Nico.


Born  Christi Paffgen in Cologne in 1938, Nico is perhaps mostly remembered for being a Warhol girl and singing with The Velvet Underground
Her story (like all the iconics) is fascinating. 
She was discovered selling lingerie at Berlin’s KaDeWe at 16, her 5’10” frame and chiseled features paved her way into modeling for prominent magazines including Vogue, Elle, and Tempo.  

TV commercials morphed into movies, including small roles in 1958’s La Tempesta and For The First Time (starringMario Lanza )

In 1959 Fellini cast her as herself in La Dolce Vita.

Nico playing herself in Federico Fellini’s La Dolce Vta

Living in NYC Nico began her music career in 1963, became friends with the Rolling Stones, who introduced her to Andy Warhol. Warhol used her in his movies and made the Velvet Underground use her as a “chanteuse”. She became an iconic figure in music throughout the remainder of her life, moving from New York to France to England, finally dying of a heart attack in Ibiza in 1988.
Nico was only 50 when she died.




Nico with The Velvet Underground and Andy Warhol




Iconic Nico

Nico with Velvet Underground

Nico Album Cover, Chelsea Girl