Buying Sandals In Capri

Beautiful Villa San Michele in Anacapri

When I’m traveling I love to head off the beaten track, get away from the tourists and immerse myself in the regional culture, chat with the locals and get a feel for the place without the omnipresent t-shirt vendors.

But sometimes you find absolute gems hidden in the heart of tourist-central.

On Capri, in the heart of the town of Capri itself I found one such gem.
Capri is full of little stores selling world famous Capri sandals.
On the Via Roma, the busiest tourist street in Capri, is a little slice of magic, a store called Schettino di Capri.

Lovely Lydia has worked in this store for 60 years

Run by the adorable Lydia and Aldo Lella, this darling store sells hand made Capri sandals. The sandals themselves are gorgeous. Flat leather soles with deliciously jewel embellished thongs, they are perfect summer wear.

Lovely with all hem lengths, skirts, dresses, pants and of course, the world famous Capri-pants.
And they are available in a fantastic array of colors, designs and settings.



See a style or color that is not in your size? No problem, they’ll make a pair for you while you wait!
Delightfully engaging and full of fun, Aldo will tell you stories of Capri’s illustrious past, his interactions with Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (for whom he made many pairs of sandals), and recommend the perfect place to stop for lunch or to grab a late afternoon aperatif.

Aldo with Jackie Kennedy Onassis in 1970

Sandals, like pretty much everything, are expensive on Capri. So you need to choose a store that will take care of you, appreciate you, and send you on your way not only with  a great pair of shoes, but with a magical experience and fun memories to go with it.

You can find Schettino at Via Roma 51/53 in Capri. Call them at


My best friend, jewelry designer Michelle Mirkovich
(Divinity Jewelry) with Aldo Lella, and a wall full of sandals.

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