5 Beauty Tips For Job Interviews

It’s a brand new year and maybe you’re seeking out a brand new job. In a competitive market every detail counts, and that first impression you create can make or break you. 
So here are 5 beauty tips for a job interview, 
to give you the upper hand over the competition.

1. Look like the pitch.

Make sure your look matches the job. If you are going for a job at a MAC counter, don’t arrive with barely there makeup on – go all out loud and  proud.
If you are applying for a reception position with a conservative company, don’t wear bright colors and overwhelming makeup, opt instead for a tailored, reserved look.
Applying for a job at an avant garde, fast paced ad agency? Your look has to be cutting edge and modern, showing that you are on top of trends but not a slave to them.
Take the time to research the company, and think about how their ideal employee would present themselves.
When the choice comes down to you an another applicant with equal qualifications, the employer is more likely to choose the person who looks like they belong.

2. Take the time to do it right
You’ve figured out the concept, know how you should present yourself, now give yourself some extra time to get it right.
Don’t be racing out the door with wet hair, frantically applying your lipstick. If this job matters to you, plan out your time and allow yourself the extra minutes required to get it right. Remember – the devil is in the details. When you walk in to the interview you need to at least give the impression that you can manage your time, pay attention to details and don’t get easily flustered.

3. Tame your mane

Keep your hair groomed and under control. Make sure your hair is clean and your look is put together. Ideally don’t go all out on anything with too much va va voom – you want to be taken seriously, not asked out to a nightclub. Simple elegant low ponytails, smoothed down, controlled flyaways, sleek hairstyles that imply you are in control – not your hair, all work in your favor.
Be aware of how your hair smells -if you are a smoker make sure your hair doesn’t reek of cigarettes, you don’t want to blow your chances by smelling like a good time on a pub crawl.

4. Choose your scent wisely
You definitely need to smell nice, but don’t smell overwhelming.
Dousing yourself in the latest Victoria Secret fragrance won’t win you any new friends, and can even give your interviewer a headache. Tone down the fragrance so that its barely there.
Also think about the message that your perfume conveys. A job interview is not the time to roll out something musky and sexy – that will just give the impression that you are “available” not “professional”.
And those first impressions are everything

5. Keep your nails polished
Don’t roll in to your job interview with neon talons, or with torn up bitten off stubs.
A quick manicure beforehand can get your cuticles trimmed and groomed, your nails evened out and top you off with a polish that fits the job. From clear top coat, to neutral, to bold red, keep your nails looking like you are on top of all the little details.
Because the little details may just be the deciding factor in nailing the job.