How To Get Younger Looking Eyes

Did you know the first place that you show signs of aging 

is in the eye area?

Between fine lines and wrinkles, bags and dark rings, and general fatigue, your eye area can make you look perpetually tired and much older than your years.

Luckily for us we live in an era with endless quick fixes that can fast track us to a youthful, revitalized look in no time at all.
So lets have a look at some options:


If you’re not a) using quality skin care products or b) using the correct ones for your skin, the rest is all pointless.
Make sure you gently cleanse away all traces of the day’s eye makeup with an eye makeup remover, every night before bed. No excuses.
Follow that with a good, hydrating eye cream both morning and night.
The skin around your eyes is the thinnest, most delicate skin on the body. You need to use products specifically designed for it, that don’t weigh it down, and that keep it nourished.


Rather than recreating the eye du jour, use eye shadow colors and techniques that work your eye shape and your level of aging. You can be young but prematurely aging, or you can have extra years on you and have much more youthful eyes, so the age number is irrelevant, its the stage of  aging that counts.
If you are looking heavier under the eyes or have darker circles, using dark eye shadows or eye shadows that have a lot of blue content or murky dull berry based tones can make your entire eye area look heavy.

Color Correct Rather Than Conceal

Rather than packing on concealer that just makes they under eye area look weighed down with makeup, and that gives the under eyes a grey, ashy look, instead opt for a color corrector. Colors opposite one another  on the color wheel cancel one another out. If you are seeing blue/grey under the eyes, cancel it out with a  color corrector in the pink-orange color group. Keep it super sheer.
I like to mix a little color corrector with a drop of luminizer and a tiny amount of eye cream. It keeps the under eye hydrated, keeps the correcting product nice and sheer and emollient, and the luminizer helps pop the tiniest bit of light from the area, keeping it looking light and bright and alive.


One of the signs of aging is the thinning of the lashes. One of the most fabulous things you can do to make your eyes look youthful is to create a thick, full lashline.
Latisse officially takes about 16 weeks to create a thick, full, luscious fringe of lashes, but I see it happen much more quickly. Using Latisse every night will give you lashes to rival falsies, take 5 years off your look, and even give the illusion of the eye being a little lifted. It’s spectacular!
Don’t believe me? Try the iLash Studio app from Allergan. Upload a pic of yourself (selfie!!) and in less than a minute see the new, improved you with lashes to die for.

Tear Trough Fill

Want to take it a step further? Try a Tear Trough Fill
One of the most amazing things I have ever seen in terms of instant youth is the Juvederm Tear Trough Fill. 
As we age we lose volume under the eyes, leaving us with a light absorbing hollow that leaves us looking perpetually tired and much older than our years.
I send endless clients (brides, celebs and ladies who lunch) to Dr Blume of the Blume Skin Centre in Scottsdale AZ for a quick shot of youth. Its all about technique, so you only want someone completely brilliant tackling the issue. And the result is instant. No waiting for anything to kick in – right before your very eyes, you will see 10 years melt away.
The tear trough fill is comparatively inexpensive and  lasts well over a year too. Its the perfect pre-holiday party season pick me up!

(As a side note, of all the people I have sent to Dr Blume, I have never had even one who wasn’t completely ecstatic with the result. Going to the right person is everything!)