How To Choose A Concealer ~ Beauty Tip Of The Week #39


Concealer is one of those fantastic makeup products that can make a huge difference in your beauty game.

By making our dark circles disappear and brightening our under eyes we not only look like we’ve had a good night’s sleep, but we also make our eyes look brighter and whiter, and along the way make ourselves look younger.

When it’s done correctly that is.

The information out there can be super confusing though. Using the wrong shade of concealer can make your under-eyes look grey and heavy, making you look tired or making you look white around the eyes.
The wrong weight of concealer can be really aging.
So let’s see how to choose a concealer:

Get The Color Right

The first big mistake girls make is getting the color all wrong.
Ideally you want to look the same color from the hairline to your chest. If your concealer is too pale you wind up having that weird, 2 toned look where your under eyes flare white and your face looks tanned.
As we lose some of the volume from under our eyes the area hollows out and sucks in shadows, making the under eye look darker than it is. By making the under eye area just a little lighter you can create the illusion that the shadow isn’t there, and that the face is all one color.

Color Correct It

Putting an ivory or porcelain toned concealer over dark circles won’t make them disappear, it will make them look a flat, sickly grey. A yellow based concealer placed over dark circles will make them look a sickly green grey, like the tail end of a bad bruise.
Think of mixing paint colors together. if you take a deep blue/grey and add a pale creamy white you just get a paler version of grey.
If you take that same deep blue/grey tone and mix in yellow you get a paler version of a greenish grey.
Neither are flattering.

If you have dark circles that need erasing, instead of reaching for an ivory hued concealer, neutralize them with a color corrector. Pink and peach tones will cancel out the blue/grey under your eyes.

Get The Weight Right

If you get your makeup tips from Instagram and YouTube you probably are hearing about baking your concealer. This is an old drag queen trick to lighten and lift, and it’s great. For Drag Queens.
Extreme contouring and baking the makeup are great drag makeup tricks to take a man’s stronger, heavier face and refine and reshape it into more classically feminine looking features. But its really intense and really heavy makeup.
Much drag makeup is done for nighttime viewing – in clubs and reviews where the lighting is low, which seems to escape the IG/YT makeup crowd. Getting heavy handed with weighty concealers never looks good in daylight, and for most of us it doesn’t look good at night either.
The skin around your eyes is some of the finest, thinnest skin on your body. If it gets too dry the effect is super aging. If you weigh it down with makeup that is too thick it makes the under eye look heavy, and you look tired. And old.

Choose the weight of your concealer based on how much correction you need in the area, how dark your under eye circles really are.

Light Weight Concealers


YSL Touche Eclat is really lightweight. Essentially it is a combination of moisturizer, color corrector and luminizer. The Touch Eclat pen is ideally suited to throw in your handbag and use as a touch up product as the day wears on. 
It is the perfect pick-me-up when you are going out after work, as the moisturizers breathe life back into the skin under your eyes, the color corrector picks up where your morning concealer is wearing off, and the luminizers brighten the under eye area.
Unless you only have very pale under eye circles Touch Eclat is perhaps a little too sheer to be your only concealing product.

Medium Weight Concealers


Makeup Forever Lift Concealer has been around forever. It combines a lifting action with color correction that you can blend so that it doesn’t get cakey. Designed for professional makeup artists it has incredible lasting power and a really beautiful finish.

Heavy Weight Concealers 

If you have really dark circles that keep showing through the color correctors and concealers that you’ve been using, you may need to go for a full coverage concealer.
The Amazing Concealer combines intense pigment with a very blendable texture, so that you can get coverage but not have to deal with thick product under the eye. It’s super concentrated so a little bit goes a long way.

Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer is a full cover concealer and foundation and is much heavier, but can be sheered out with a little moisturizer if needed.

7 Beauty Gift Sets From Nordstrom

My workload is insane at the moment, and with the exception of the Thanksgiving break I am working every day until mid December. Which means my Christmas shopping is happening online for the time being. I’ve been scrolling around on checking out what’s on offer, and these are my favorite beauty based gift sets for this year.

Beauty gift sets make the ideal gift for any makeup lover, they are great for co-workers and make wonderful business gifts. They are also a fabulous way to treat yourself, and allowing for the discounted prices when you buy a set, you’d be kind of mad not to treat yourself. Right?

From MAC there is the Nordstrom exclusive Enchanted Eve Copper Eye and Lip Set is a steal at $59.50. Valued at $88.50 it contains Pearlfusion eye shadow set in Copperluxe,  Technakohl liner in Photogravure, lipstick in The Right Note and lipglass in Rocket To The Moon, together with this cool little MAC bag.


Check out the Enchanted Eve Copper Gift set here

The limited edition Jo Malone Cologne Collection ($115) lets you try out some of Jo Malone’s most loved colognes. Each one can be worn alone, or you can layer them and create your own fragrance.

Included in the set are the following fragrances:
Lime Basil and Mandarin cologne
Pomegranate Noir cologne
English Pear and Freesia cologne
Peony and Blush Suede cologne
Wood Sage and Sea Salt cologne

Check out the details on the Jo Malone gift set here

The Legacy Palette from Kevyn Aucoin Beauty is a $280 value that will only cost you $165.
This is the absolute perfect palette that transcends any seasonal look. This should be the backbone of your makeup wardrobe. With Celestial highlighting powder in Candlelight and Sculpting powder in medium (made up not of bronzing tones but instead in brown, red and grey, giving you contour perfection), and the ideal assortment of neutral eye shadows, you can  build, shape and add drama to any eye. I love this!


Read about the Kevyn Aucoin Legacy Palette here

The Diptique Mini Candle Set ($130) is a fantastic business gift, hostess gift, candle lovers gift, and self gift! I would love this.


A mixtures of Diptique’s iconic scents and some seasonal scents, these french made candles have a 15 hour burn time, of the loveliest candle fragrances ever.
Check out the list of fragrances here

Also from Diptique the Sapin candle.


This is a pine scent with a soft infusion of mandarin, and smells like the holidays, albeit luxe holidays. There are two sizes available, check them out here.

The Laura Mercier Kiss Of Colour Lip Gloss Collection is a limited edition valued at $83 but available for just $50.


This set makes a perfect stocking stuffer, and is a great gift for any girl who likes her lips to look luscious. 
Check out the list of colors here.

The Tocca Crema Voloce Handcream Set ($16) is a great stocking stuffer, and is also a lovely gift for co-workers, hostess gifts or for someone who you don’t know well enough to buy fragrances for.


It feels and looks luxurious and the price point makes it super affordable.
Read about it here

Go Totally Nude ~ The Coveted List April 2015

My favorite color palette for summer is crisp, vibrant white.
Its so fresh and clean, looks wonderful with a tan, and makes an easy transition from day to evening.
Whether the total look is white or whether white is an accent, I love it.

Eileen Fisher Summer 2015

This month’s Coveted List looks at pieces to pair with whites, offsetting bright white with easy nude.

Go Totally Nude


Totally Nude Coveted List clockwise from top left:

Butter London Nail Lacquer in Crumpet
Kevyn Aucoin Expert Lip Color in Faith
Hermes Cape Cod Watch
Celine Butterfly Sunglasses in Transperant Saffron Acetate
Jimmy Choo Pledge Wedge
Scott Barnes Body Bling
 Chanel Large Tote in Nude

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Expert Lip Color in Faith