7 Lingerie Items Every Girl Needs


7 Lingerie Items Every Girl Needs, image by Eric Cassee for Phoenix Bride and Groom Magazine

Do you love buying lingerie? I do.

It’s easy to buy all kinds of exciting or cool lingerie pieces and wind up with a drawer full of things you never wear, or find you don’t have the piece you need to go with your outfit, so today we are working on a list of the basic pieces you need to round out your lingerie wardrobe. You should ideally populate your basics with nude and black. Black clothes need black lingerie underneath – nude will show through. Flesh-toned nudes are ideal under most other colors including white.

Once you have the basics covered in nudes and blacks it’s fun to buy items in other colors.


Lingerie Items Every Girl Needs

A good t-shirt bra.

Actually you need multiple t-shirt bras. Ideally they should have a smooth finish, give you some lift and support, hold you in all the right places, and be the day to day workhorse of your bra wardrobe.

A push up bra.

When necklines dip and plunge you need a little lift.

A strapless bra.

A good strapless bra that has been fitted to you will stay put when you raise your arms above your head, and will hold the girls in place. It also won’t squeeze you, give you fat rolls over the top of the band or be uncomfortable to wear.

Shapewear bottoms

Nothing will smooth out your derriere under a fitting dress quite like shapewear. Even the biggest movie stars and models in the world wear industrial strength power pants on the red carpet, so don’t feel bad about needing a little help yourself! Not only will they make your cellulite dimples disappear, your shapewear undies will also do away with visible panty lines all while holding your jiggly bits in.

Smoothing briefs.

Most of us don’t want to wear power pants everyday, but we still want a nice smooth silhouette. Smoothing briefs are the answer.


Cotton thongs are the easiest underpinnings to wear. They help you avoid panty lines, don’t ride up or move, and are an ideal daily pair of undies.

A Slip

Under a skirt and blouse or under a dress, a slip keeps everything smooth and stops static electricity from sticking fabric to your legs. If you wear pantihose or tights a slip is essential.

Plus they look and feel super sexy!

Wear a black slip under black, a nude under anything else. Choose the right length slip to work with the hemline you are wearing.

Dita Von Teese’s 10 Golden Rules For Valentine’s Day Lingerie

Valentine’s day is nearly here, and honestly what says “Happy Valentine’s Day” more deliciously than sensational lingerie??


Last week Vogue.com published Marjon Carlos’ article Dita Von Teese’s 10 Golden Rules Fot Valentine’s Day Lingerie.
In the story the Burlesque dancer and queen of seduction, talks about what items you should have, shopping for lingerie and how to get things all steamed up for Valentine’s day.
Dita also talks about what to do if you don’t have a Valentine, because to quote Dita from the article “Seduction has nothing to do with other people, it’s all about creating your own look”
Brilliant, non?

Excerpted from the article:

A girl’s first piece should be in black lace . . .


Black lace is sophisticated, elegant, and erotic all at once, and it looks terrific on every woman. I say invest in a gorgeous set. Buy a bra that fits very well, plus two to three pairs of matching underwear, with varying shapes to add versatility to your wardrobe. The underwear needs to have double the life of the bra, so it’s smart to buy duplicates. Bonus points for the garter belt!

A corset over a waist trainer—any day!


Well, there’s a lot of misinformation about what a waist trainer is and what it isn’t, and there are all kinds of companies making these strange stretchy waist-training corsets. It’s important to look past the trendy celebrity-endorsed products—you can’t shape your waist with a Lycra corset, and that’s what they are all talking about.

Waist shaping can be accomplished with a true corset, which should be custom-made to your measurements. It is also no substitute for diet and exercise, and waist training doesn’t happen overnight; it takes a bit of time. I suggest looking to long-established corset brands like Dark Garden Corsetry or Mr. Pearl, and avoid all the new companies trying to jump on the bandwagon.

Let garter belts be your Valentine’s Day Gift to Bae.

Garter belts and stockings are the perfect thing to try! Wear them the French way: underwear over the top of the garter belt, not under. Black stockings and a black garter belt are sophisticated and erotic. Invest in good-quality pieces. I wear garters in everyday life, so the ones from my collections are very functional and made with six straps and power mesh to keep stockings in place. I have a drawerful of cute garter belts from luxe brands that are only really wearable for photo shoots, so when I created my own line, I set out to make garters that function properly. I’d say garter belts are my specialty.

Dita has some really great girl advice in the article, including this gem:

 “I always saw lingerie as a moment of beauty and luxury for myself.”

I have always felt the same way about beautiful lingerie.

Another great Dita quote: “I never put lingerie on for a man. Ever since I was a little girl, I saw lingerie as something that was symbolic of womanhood and femininity.”

You can read the full article on Vogue.com here

Ana Beatriz Barros For Intimissimi Fall 2014

I adore beautiful lingerie.


Whether its simple cottons or more elaborate designs I always believe a girl should be wrapped in beautiful underwear, every day.
Every year when I’m in Florence I stock up at Intimissimi. (I shop them in Paris too, but Florence is my place.) They have the softest, most delicious cottons anywhere.


Brazilian model Ana Beatriz Barros stars in the fall 2014 Intimissimi Campaign, this time shot by Russell James in an amphitheater in beautiful Verona.

Doesn’t it make you want to go shop?









images via Fashion Gone Rogue