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The Foreo Luna is a breakthrough, award winning skin care device that is taking the world by storm. 

The Luna by Foreo

Similar to the Clarisonic, the Luna utilizes sonic vibrations to deep cleanse and exfoliate the skin, de-clogging pores, removing makeup and improving the absorption of skin care products. It also has anti-aging benefits. 

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Unlike the Clarisonic the Luna doesn’t use bristles, and is gentle enough for the most sensitive of skins.

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Luna has different variations for each skin type – normal, oily, dry, and is fantastic for people suffering from acne.

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Luna for men

Foreo has a collection for men too. It helps their skin stay healthy and clear, and makes the shaving process smoother and easier.

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Foreo makes several different Luna products. Lunas for men, for women, travel sized Lunas, mini Lunas.
They also make the Iris eye massager and the Issa toothbrush

Foreo products make fantastic gifts!

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Foreo Inc

How To Choose The Perfect Cleanser For Your Skin


I am skin care obsessed.
I love lotions and potions, serums and masks, essences and facial mists – I love it all. The more steps to a skin care regime, the more products in a line, the more I want in!

In fact while I’m writing this post I have a sheet mask on – my Sunday night routine.

When clients get in my makeup chair I often see that their skin looks stripped, irritated, congested, or maybe overly juicy. When we get talking about their skin more often than not I find that they are using the wrong cleanser. The key to great skin is using the right cleanser for your skin type, so lets break down the different skin types and which cleansers are the right cleansers for each skin.

1. Normal Skin.

Lucky you – you’re not dry, you’re not oily, you’re not acne’d. 
You’ve got it made.
But be careful – if you don’t take care of your skin it’s not going to stay looking gorgeous!

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2. Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin needs extra TLC. Avoid foaming cleansers, cleansers with acids in them (salicylics, glycolics etc), and also avoid exfoliating cleansers. All of these can strip your skin, irritate your skin, and generally wreck havoc on your skin.
Instead choose a gentle milk or cream cleanser to dissolve makeup and clean your skin.

Try Ren Everclear Gentle Cleansing Milk, available online at Space NK

Evercalm Gentle Cleansing Milk, , large

3. Congested Or Acne Prone Skin

Your cleansing goal is to help clear the debris, clean up the breakout, balance your skin’s natural oils and prevent new breakouts from occurring. A creamy, milky cleanser isn’t going to lift away enough, you need a wash.

Try Ciracle Anti Blemish Tea Tree Face Wash, available online from Memebox


4. Dry Skin

Dry skin, like sensitive skin, needs lots of love and attention.
If you don’t take care of your dry skin you will fast track the aging process, so choosing the right cleanser is super important.
I have dry skin and my cleanser of choice is an oil cleanser. Oil cleansers dissolve makeup and clean your complexion. On top of that they leave your skin feeling silky soft and very loved up.

Try I’m Cleansing Oil #01 Moist Oil For Dry Skin, available online at You will love it!


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