How To Transition Your Makeup From Summer To Fall

As those long, lovely days of summer are coming to an end, its time to start transitioning our makeup from our summer look into our fall look.

And there’s no need to do it all at once. No one wants to go from a glowing, tanned, fresh from the beach visage to a pasty, pale gray weather one in any great hurry, so here are some easy steps to take you slowly into a beautiful season change:

1. Start easing up on the self tanner.
Over the next few weeks either dilute your facial self tanner with moisturizer, or just start using it every other day, then start spacing out the days in between self tanning. This lets you subtly move from looking like a languid vacation in the islands to the busy it girl about town, without the sudden shock of instant pallor.

2. Start using less bronzer.
Not only use less, but step down to a softer, paler shade.

3. Use a darker lipliner.
If you’re not ready to leave your glossy summer lips behind you, modify them with a darker liner. This helps to lessen the torment of moving into a deeper, moodier winter lip.

4. Start moving into fall lip colors.
The transition is easier made when taking one small step at a time. As you lighten the tan, let your lip be the first thing to start making its way into the new season. A fuller, warmer lip looks gorgeous with your softer, summer eyes.

5. Start chiseling your cheeks.
As we move into fall our sunkissed summer cheeks evolve into more chiseled, contoured cheekbones. Utilize highlighters and luminizers to keep looking fresh faced, as you start building into a more structured look.

6. Start moving into a stronger brow.
As the colder weather moves in and the new makeup colors arrive on the scene, the soft, natural brow gets lost. Transitioning to a power brow overnight can feel too severe, so slowly start building to a more constructed, defined brow

7. Start changing up your eyeshadows.
As you complete the move into fall makeup, lose the lighter shimmery, summery eyeshadows, opting instead for something a little more muted, a little more smoldering. Work in some deeper, bolder liner 

See? Seven simple steps and you’re on your way to an easy summer to fall transition!

Fuschia Lips!

Fall can get so completely drab and boring, with its endless
khaki eyes, burnt oranges, and limitless variations on beige and brown.
Ho hum.

This season things are brightening up a little with the arrival of the matte fuschia lip.

Oddly enough, this looks flattering on everyone!
It’s alive, its bright and its vibrant, breathing excitement into the grayest, rainy day.

A fuschia lip should be worn as its own signature statement. Pair it with a softer eye and a subtle pink cheek, or with this season’s cat eye and a barely there brow

Some great fuschia options are:
Nars lipstick in Schiap
Makeup Forever lipstick in shade #36
Julie Hewett, Jacqueline
Shiseido lipstick RS 320
Dolce & Gabbana lipstick in Shocking
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Wild Orchid
MAC lipstick in Violetta

Clarins Instant Blush Magic Color

Here’s a fabulous new product from Clarins,

Instant Blush Magic Color.

A cream gel, (my favorite type of blush!)

this blush has a great viscosity

so it slides on with ease.

Its a sheer buildable color, that you can layer into,

or just leave as a soft flush to the cheek.

Its a touch of rose that works with your body chemistry

to create the perfect tone for your skin.

It also picks up light, making your skin look radiant

and alive.

As a side bonus, its fabulous on the lips too!