The Best Selling Lipstick Shades

Do you follow Rachel Zoe and The Zoe Report?

For the most part she is my favorite reason to open my inbox each day. 

The Zoe Report is always filled with fantastic info, from wardrobe styling to beauty to travel.

 And don’t even get me started on the Rachel Zoe Box Of Style – I always get sooooo excited for it to arrive. 


So far each time the Box of Style has come out I have been overseas and I have to wait to get home and open it, but I get so geeked out over it that I have made it into an event. Because let’s face it, if you are an average girl like me, how often do you get to open a luxe box of individually wrapped presents, super chic statements for the new season ahead? ( try 4 times per year!)
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Anyway, The Zoe Report posted this cool story for National Lipstick Day. They polled the biggest beauty brands from MAC to Charlotte Tilbury to find out their best selling lipstick shades.
It’s time to stock up on your lipsticks ladies, and here are the best sellers to choose from:


From MAC 

MAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo $17
MAC Lipstick in Velvet Teddy $17
MAC Lipstick in Diva $17
MAC Lipstick in Whirl $17
Available online at


From Nars

Audacious Lipstick in Dominique $32
Semi Matte Lipstick in VIP Red $28
Sheer Lipstick in Dolce Vita $28
Satin Lipstick in Rosecliff $28
Available at


From Charlotte Tilbury

Hot Lips in Secret Salma $32
Hot Lips in Kim K.W. $32
Matte Revolution in Bond Girl $32
Matte Revolution in Walk Of Shame $32
Available online at


Anastasia Beverly Hills

Liquid Lipstick in Vamp $20
Liquid Lipstick in Vintage $20
Liquid Lipstick in American Doll $20
Liquid Lipstick in Pure Hollywood $20
Available at


Marc Jacobs Beauty

Le Marc Lip Cream Lipstick in J’Adore $30
Le Marc Lip Cream Lipstick in Slow Burn $30
Le Marc Lip Cream Lipstick in Infamous $30
Le Marc Lip Cream Lipstick in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang $30
Available online at


From Tarte

Tarteist Creamy Lip Paint in Mauve $20
Tarteist Creamy Lip Paint in Namaste Nude $20
Tarteist Creamy Lip Paint in Frenemy Burgundy $20
Tarteist Creamy Lip Paint in Bae Red $20
Available online at

The Zoe Report has some other brands on their list too. Check them out here

I’m Crazy About These New Highlighters

So this was my Sunday morning. Finally a break from working incessantly, finally a Sunday off. 


An espresso, some pink roses, finally getting a chance to look through W magazine, and playing with these 2 new makeup products I got from Memebox with my most recent order.

As much as I obsess over their Korean skin care products I have never ventured into the other side of K-Beauty, the makeup products.


If I was to be completely honest I would tell you that I bought the panda bear thing as a gift for my friend’s daughter.

Because let’s face it, it looks like something a super young teen would like, right? And it cost $10.
It’s called the Panda’s Dream Brightening Eye Base.

So I decided to open it, then intrigued at the white, glowing product inside, I decided to try it because once again, let’s face it, how could a white, glowy product do anything functional on the face?

But guess what? It’s brilliant. As in seriously brilliant. Not “pretty good for $10”  kind of brilliant, but “are you kidding me???” kind of brilliant.

It is an under eye product designed to pop a fresh light out from the under eye area. It softens fine lines and wrinkles, depuffs and soothes the under eye area, somehow diminishes dark circles and bags under the eyes – it’s pretty amazing! I totally don’t get it – it is packaged for 12 year olds, costs nothing, and delivers a multi layered, hard core punch like you cannot even imagine! 
This is a product for women of all ages.

I have worn it every day this week in lieu of concealer. I could still do with a little color corrector if I felt so inclined, but realistically the way it lightens, brightens and awakens the under eye I just think why bother?

On a shoot I would lay a color corrector above or below it, but for everyday (and night) it is just fantastic! Touche Eclat style fantastic.

I have also been looking for a highlighting product that isn’t too shimmery or glittery. Most highlighters have particles that are too big and cause a mad flickering or shimmering on the skin that makes it look like you’ve highlighted and don’t have a clue what you’re doing.

I seem to universally hate 95% of them, especially the ones touted by Instagram stars.

Side Note

I teach a pro makeup artistry program and constantly get into battle with students who think that because a “makeup enthusiast” on IG has 2 million followers and endorses a highlighter or bronzer, they must be right.  No, they quite possibly know that product is junk, but they make huge dollars from affiliate marketing with that brand, so they will say whatever it takes to sell the products and make the commissions. That’s how they make money.

I have affiliate marketing on this blog, but only talk about products I actually use, which is why you see the same products talked about over and over. 
I talk about what I use. And Memebox has never sent me free product or tried to have me shill products for them.

Anyway, I decided to try the I’m Multi Stick ST01 Luster Light highlighter out – it’s only $15 so no big deal if I didn’t like it. And again this product too is fabulous!


It gives you a very controllable highlight that glows from within rather than sparkles from the surface. In fact it has no sparkles at all. With this product you don’t look like you’ve been at Sephora trying on highlighters, you just look like your skin glows, picks up the light and looks absolutely radiant. Even older skin. Again they are probably only marketing this to 20 somethings and younger, but this is fabulous for all skins, even mature skin.

I am ordering another for my pro kit as well as another of the panda bears (before they run out). I’m also going to try the I’m Multi Stick ST20 Luster Bronzer  with my next order too. 
Because it only costs $15 so there’s not exactly a lot to lose! And if it’s as good as everything else I’ve tried from Memebox its going to be another winner.


I’m obsessed with cream blushes, and I read recently on another blog that I’m Cream Blush is really good so I’m going to add that in as well.


If you want to try any of these products you can find the here on

Memebox offers free shipping over $35, so if you need to add a couple of dollars to your order to reach $35, try adding in a sheet mask or two. Just look up your skin concern – acne, blackheads, too much oil, dry skin – whatever it is, and find the mask they have for that concern. They are only ever a couple of dollars, are brilliant, and can put you into free shipping!


5 Travel Makeup Tips


Are you getting ready to go on a big trip? 
I hope it’s a vacation for you, but maybe it’s business travel or maybe there is some other reason that you are boarding that flight. Regardless of why you are traveling you need to have a plan with your makeup. What to bring, what to leave behind, and how to transport it so that it arrives undamaged.
Today I’m going to tell you how I do it, with 5 Travel Makeup Tips, and 2 bonus travel beauty tips at the end.

1. Keep It Small Enough To Take Onboard  With You

Although (touch wood) my bag has never gone missing, I pack my carry on bag assuming my suitcase and I are parting ways for a few days. If I arrived at my destination with no clothes and no makeup for the first three days it would seriously ruin my trip. Last year a friend of mine was not reunited with her suitcase until 3 weeks into her 3 1/2 week trip!

With that in mind your carry on bag has to be artfully packed with just enough to get you through and not enough to weigh you down, which means your makeup bag needs to be scaled down. It’s actually quite refreshing to have just the basics with you, transferred into travel sized containers and packed into a see through makeup bag.

I buy my travel makeup and toiletry containers from The Container Store, and for years now I have traveled with my Stephanie Johnson Miami Blue medium zip cosmetic bag.

Stephanie Johnson Miami Blue collection

2. Take A Bright Pop Of Lip

You need two lip games when you travel. One is a softer, juicier gloss. Choose a color base that works with your skin tone and the wardrobe you are bringing, for example a pinky based nude, or a soft praline nude.

Your other lip game when you travel needs to be a bright pop of color. Maybe you’re a red girl, maybe you are a fuchsia (my favorite), maybe you rock a coral like no other – whatever looks the most gorgeous on you (and makes you feel like a million dollars), that’s the one you want.

A bright lip infuses your complexion with luscious life, it sets your eyes alight, and it makes you look vibrant. And let’s face it a vibrant, vivacious you is perfect for travel!
Try Nars lipstick in Schiap


3. Keep Your Story Simple  

Rather than traveling with several different makeup looks, choose one. Use a pretty base, love up your cheeks with one blush, take a brow product and one eye shadow story. You can change your look by changing your eyeliner, and you can modify everything by adding a bright lip or opting for a soft gloss.

Chanel eye shadow quad in Tisse Vendome

4. Keep Your Foundation Sheer. 

Thick foundation looks awful anytime, but worse when you’re traveling. Invest in a lightweight foundation or a BB Cream, that mimic fresh, beautiful skin and leave the heavy stuff behind.

Stila BB Cream

5. Waterproof Mascara Needs Waterproof Eye-Makeup Remover

Waterproof mascara is great for travelling, especially when you are going somewhere wet or where you will have beach/pool/water time.
The problem with waterproof mascara is that it is murder to get off. Rather than rubbing and scrubbing at your eyes, damaging the skin around them and breaking off your lashes, travel with a waterproof eye makeup remover that will dissolve and clean away the most stubborn waterproof mascara.

2 Bonus Tips

6. Pack A Facial SPF

Always travel with a free standing facial SPF. The SPF that is in your moisturizer or your foundation doesn’t actually give you much protection at all, so not only can those pesky UVB rays burn you but you can guarantee that the UVA (aging) rays are busily breaking down your skin’s elastin and collagen and fast tracking the aging process.
The SPF you use on your body is too heavy for your face and will give you breakouts.
For years now I have sworn by Neutrogena Dry Touch with Helioplex. I get the highest SPF on the shelf be it SPF 70, 85 or 100

7. Add an oil.

Airplane air, a change of climate, different water, changes in your sleep pattern and a change in your environment can all contribute to dried out, dull looking skin. Breathe some life back into your skin and give it a gorgeous, healthy glow by adding a skin oil to your skin care regimen.
My secret potion? I use Tatcha Camellia Oil when I travel. (You can even buy it in a travel size). It nourishes and hydrates my skin, but magically also has a dry finish, so it doesn’t matter if I am somewhere humid – my skin doesn’t look dehydrated. A dry oil is also fantastic because makeup goes on over it perfectly and because of the dry finish it doesn’t slip away.


Japanese luxury skin care line Tatcha is my go-to brand for travel.
I always think your skin needs extra loving when you are on the move, and for several years now Tatcha has been giving my skin the boost it needs when I’m away. (I’ve blogged about it a million times, so you probably already know this!)
Tatcha totally gets it, so they have made a huge line of 
travel sized products. Also keep an eye out for their Mother’s Day gift sets – I buy them to travel with too!