New Year’s Eve Makeup ~ MAC Lightness Of Being

After the heavier, bolder red lip of Christmas, 

I love this icy cool look for New Year’s Eve.

 MAC Lightness Of Being Collection


It’s time to liberate yourself from the dark tones of fall and the bold hues of the Christmas season, instead exploring the iciness of  the freeform movement of frosted lavender, mint green and pearlized champagne. Eyes and cheeks move into sheer pastels, complimented by rosy lips. 
The deep dark colors in pre-Christmas nails give way to hushed beiges and muted lavender.

Pair this look with winter whites, winter pastels, icy silvers and metallics, dove greys.








New Years Eve Makeup Tips

Ready for New Year’s Eve??

Got the outfit, hairdo and makeup planned?

When that ball drops at midnight you want to be looking devastatingly fabulous, so here are some key tips to getting (and keeping!) the glam

Primer use a really good primer to create an even base for your foundation and to help your foundation both stay smooth and last.

Color Correct ~ don’t just slap concealer under your eyes, wake them up with a color corrector to cancel out the dark rings and leave them looking revitalized and fresh.

Fluid Foundation ~ rather than a heavy, thick base, opt for a fresh, dewy complexion with a sheer, fluid foundation. Makeup Forever Face and Body is exceptional.

Limit Powder to the areas that need it. So long as you’re not leaving your complexion looking gooey, keep a fresh face by not over powdering.

Power Brow ~ tell your story with a firm, sculpted brow. Start with a pencil to help define the shape and keep it crisp, then fill in the brow with a shadow. Set your brow and keep it in place with a brow wax.

Simple Eye ~ with a strong brow, keep your eye simple. Shimmer shadows in soft tones or a winged liner look super sharp.

Lashes or Bust ~ use tons of really good mascara to really build volume, then finish it all off with a cool strip lash. Find false lashes that angle outward rather than straight ahead to give you a sleeker, more alluring look.

Jewel Toned Lip ~ balance that firm brow out with the season’s bold jewel toned lip. Line the lip to get a crisp shape, apply your lipstick with a brush to really firmly press it in to the lip, blot, and reapply.
Make your lip the focus of your look!