What To Pack This Summer For Capri

Capri has to be one of the most glamorous places on earth.

Perched prettily in the Gulf of Naples with a view along the Amalfi Coast, (from Villa Jovis) Capri is all spectacular views, sapphire blue ocean and glamour for days.

From the top of the world at Villa Jovis, looking down at the water surrounding Capri

I always think about Jackie O in her heyday walking around Capri town buying sandals. In fact every time I go to Capri I buy sandals from the same store Jackie O did! (read about it here)


When you are packing for your trip to Capri there are some key elements to keep in mind.

Capri is luxe casual. It is the epitome of chic, but effortless chic. 
Cottons and linens wear beautifully on this sunny island, lightweight fabrics that move with you when you walk. 

Here is my list of what you should be packing to take to Capri this summer.

Ideal staple items to base your wardrobe on are a great pair of wide legged, flowy white linen pants like my favorite Cool Breeze Wide Leg Linen Pant  from Nic and Zoe. Pair them with a sapphire loose fitting tank.


A maxi sundress is a must on Capri. I love this Quintana maxi from Sky, available at Revolve.com


Abandon your black and your beige – they look out of place and dull on Capri. Channel some 60’s glam with some Pucci instead.


Leave your heels at home, trading them in for a chic flat sandal. I like to buy world famous Capri sandals at Shettino on via Roma just beyond the piazzetta in Capri town.

Dolce and Gbbana retro style bikini

Malibu Barbie swimwear looks crass in a place as fabulous as Capri. Opt instead for a vintage/retro style bikini or maillot. 

Dolce and Gabbana vintage style maillot

Protect your face with a wide brimmed hat like this one from Revolve Clothing. (I found Revolve via the fabulous @rachelzelic on Instagram)


Sunglasses are a must on an island, and glamorous, chic sunglasses are essential on Capri.
 Leave your traditional aviator styles at home, instead wear an oversized pair like the Dior Twisting 58mm glasses


or something uber-chic and new like Dior So Real sunglasses.

Makeup needs to be so minimal it borders on non-existent. A full face of makeup looks redundant on a sun drenched island, so stick to the basics. A gold tinted dry oil, like Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Or 


keeps your skin hydrated and gives you a fabulous glow. Use a waterproof brow product so that you can swim and still have brows, and a blockbuster lash building waterproof mascara is a must. My favorite for years and years has been DiorShow Blackout Waterproof


If you want some extra bronzing use a gel bronzer so that your skin looks fresh.

Top off your Capri summer makeup with a bold pop of lip color like Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lip in Venezia


Don’t forget your hair. You can’t be blown out perfection on an island, even a super glam island – it just looks like you’re trying too hard. Instead embrace your curls or waves with Ouidad. Before you dive into that beautiful sapphire blue Mediterranean sea coat your hair with Ouidad Curl Quencher Moisturizing Conditioner


It will protect your color and keep your hair super soft. When you get out of the water, towel dry then spritz it with Ouidad Botanical Boost Curl Energizing and Refreshing Spray

If you are a curly girl it will help give you bouncy, shiny curls instead of post-ocean frizz. if you are a naturally smooth haired girl or a Brazilian Blow Out smooth haired girl your hair will be soft and glossy and shiny. I just got both of these in travel size, ready for summer in Capri.

The Coveted List August ~

I’m getting ready for a month of international travel that includes a couple of 36 hour + travel days involving multiple flights and trains.
The tricky thing about super long travel days, especially the ones that involve more than one international flight, is finding a way to be comfortable and still look good, even when you are stepping off a 10 hour flight 24 hours after leaving home.
So I am shopping the wardrobe that makes it all work.
Or at least coveting it…


I love traveling with a chic backpack instead of a handbag. Backpacks are much easier to maneuver around with. You can fit whatever you need in there, and get perfect weight balance across both shoulders rather than dragging weight on one shoulder.
And they look stylish! 


Check out this Tory Burch Amanda Backpack  at Nordstrom.

The Nic And Zoe Feel Good Pant travels well and is super comfortable – even when you are trapped in an uncomfortable airplane seat. 


The great thing about this pair of pants is that they don’t look trashed when you get off the plane, instead the fabric moves as you do, and looks fresh when you change into sandals and a clean T.

The Splendid V Neck High/Low Sweater from Nordstrom is a fine knit cashmere blend that wards off airplane chill while looking good.


Wrap up in the Alexander McQueen Reversible Hibiscus and Skull Scarf  to keep your neck and chest warm in flight, or pair it with a white tank or T when you land.


Prada’s Leather Espadrille combines comfort and ease with a little panache. You can run through airport terminals in them, and you can walk all over Rome in them, as comfortable as can be, and they never look anything but chic. The leather uppers breathe well and hold their shape.


Tory Burch Miller Sandals are a great alternative to slip on when you land. They look perfect with the Nic and Zoe pants.


Cartier Love Bracelet in pink gold and Cartier Love rings in pink gold. Because I love Cartier. And I love love.


Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist is fabulous for everyday use, but is also a life saving revitalizing facial mist to keep your skin hydrated and glowing during your flight. When you are away from home and your skin starts freaking out, this dewy skin mist is the ultimate travel hack skin saver – it’s soothing and calming and relaxes your skin back into happy mode.


Tatcha Brightening Serum is the holy grail of serums. 


It heals and soothes, hydrates and deep treats any skin type. You can use it alone as a light but super effective moisturizer on extra hot or humid days, or on long flights, or layer it with your moisturizer on normal days. It makes your skin glow as if lit from within. Wear it just one time and you will never want to go without it again.

Nars Satin Lip Pencil in Luxembourg. The satiny finish on these lip pencils make your lips look lush and hydrated after a long flight. Most people look washed out and drained when they deplane. A little pop of color on your lip makes you look rejuvenated and refreshed.