Coveted ~ The Perfect Nude Sandal

I just got back from the Oscars. As always, it was so much fun!
And as always coming back here feels weird. I lived in LA for many years, and somehow it still feels like home to me…

Kate Middleton steps out of her limo in her Jimmy Choo Vamp sandal

As spring approaches, and fueled by some serious shoe gazing in Hollywood, I am obsessed with finding the perfect nude sandal for the new season. The most valuable shoe in your closet is a nude shoe. It goes with everything, makes the leg look longer and thinner, and gives you a full body compliment.
(I’d love to claim this as my own wisdom, but it was taught to me by Vanna White when I first moved to Los Angeles a lifetime ago.)

My favorite shoes always seem to be my Choos. While on the hunt for the perfect nude sandal these keep popping up as my most coveted.

Jimmy Choo Vamp
Jimmy Choo Kayak
Jimmy Choo Nude Matte Linda Snakeskin
Jimmy Choo Kayden
Saint Laurent Tribute Leather Platform Sandal

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Nude Pro Genius Treatment Oil

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Beautiful Taormina, Sicily

Here on the beautiful island of Sicily, NUDE Pro Genius Treatment Oil is keeping my skin looking dewy, even though the weather is roasting hot, and I’m alternating between the drying effects of ocean water and the dehydrating effects of the wind from riding around the island on scooters and days spent sailing.
And all that lusty Sicilian wine….