Best Of Beauty ~ Oscars 2016


So what were your thoughts about the 2016 Oscars Red Carpet beauty?

Frankly I was super under-whelmed. Sometimes it seems as though in a mad effort to look casually cool some of the ladies looked as if they didn’t realize that this is one of the two most glamorous nights in the American year, the other being the Met Gala.
I hate seeing ladies underdone on such a big night.

ho-hum hair and makeup on Alicia Vikander

I was so disappointed in the absolutely gorgeous Alicia Vikander’s hair and makeup for the red carpet. She looked like she was on her way to the supermarket. Or Home Depot. Maybe it was just the hair that bugged me? Because her after party look was fabulous.

At the post-Oscars Vanity fair party Alicia looked amazing. This would have been a far better Red Carpet look.

Brie Larson’s hair and makeup were also too casual in my opinion.
The hair was awful, and the makeup didn’t compliment her eyes. 

Brie Larson Oscars Red Carpet makeup

I really didn’t get it. She looked so much better later in the evening at the Vanity Fair party.

Doesn’t she look lovely here? Why not this look for the Oscars Red Carpet??

My absolute favorite look on the red carpet this year, second to none, was the incredible makeup on Olivia Munn, created by Patrick Tabere.

Olivia Munn’s stunning Red Carpet makeup for The 88th Academy Awards

That lip was everything! Patrick used a combo of 
Chanel Rouge Allure Lipsticks 96 and 90,  offset by blush 76 Frivole and 55 by Chanel. 

If you are going to stand out for being fabulous, Oscar night is the night to do it.

Olivia’s after party makeup change was also gorgeous.


Other notables were Charlize Theron for being Charlize Theron.


Margot Robbie was perfection.


Jennifer Lawrence’s hair was fantastic and her eye game was strong both for the red carpet (she ran in right as the ceremony was beginning)

Jennifer Lawrence first look at the 88th Academy Awards

and after, when she changed into a very Taylor Swift-esque look.

JLaw channeling her inner Swifty

Rooney Mara’s makeup packed a fierce punch – that brow!!! that lip! that eye!


Chrissie Tiegan’s bronze and gold makeup was lovely, and her wispy, soft hairdo complimented her total look.


Saoirse Ronan’s eye makeup was the perfect counterpoint to her dress. (which I thought was fabulous.)


Rachel McAdams hair and makeup were both perfect.


Best Of The Red Carpet Oscars 2016

Oscar night is always one of my favorite nights of the year.
This year I’m not in L.A working the Oscars, I’m home instead, watching it on TV.


Here are my favorite moments from the Oscars 2016 red carpet:

Olivia Munn in Stella McCartney


Charlize Theron in red Dior. Perfection. 


Brie Larson in blue diaphanous Gucci . Hair and makeup simple.


Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Limited

Cate Blanchett never ever disappoints! This time around she was ethereal in Armani. 


Naomi Watts in strapless metallic midnight blue Armani Prive and a red lip. Hair and makeup perfect.


Reese Witherspoon in Oscar De La Renta


Rooney Mara – hair, makeup and dress. Givenchy Haute Couture. Diamond at navel.


Charlotte Tilbury Looks Campaign

Heidi Klum hair and makeup were gorgeous, interesting Versace dress.


Chrissie Tiegan in mermaid style Marchesa. Her pregnancy style is so on point.


Saoirse Ronan in an emerald Calvin Klein


Margot Robbie in golden custom Tom Ford.


Julieanne Moore in Chanel.


Jennifer Garner in classic black glamour, Atelier Versace.


Dorith Mous in Dennis Diem.


All images via E!online