6 Things You Should Never Pack In Your Carry On

I have a very dear friend who is embarking on her first international trip in a few weeks, and is planning on only taking a carry-on bag.
This gives me borderline anxiety!
I could never survive a multi week trip with just a carry-on.
Not in a million years.

Anyway, for those of you flying anywhere this summer, or ever, here are things you should never pack in your carry on bag.


1. Smelly Foods or Snacks.
There are two reasons for this, the first being that your entire bag and everything in it will take on that smell, and depending on the food in question you may have a hard time getting rid of that smell.
Secondly no one else on the plane wants to smell it.
That goes for eating smelly food in flight as well! Be considerate of your fellow travelers because we really are stuck with that smell, in a confined space, for a long time.

2. Stinky Clothes.
Same as above – none of us want to deal with that stench! If you are traveling with stinky clothes (or shoes) and can’t check the bag they are in, at least put them in ziplock bags or travel laundry bags such as Flight 001 Go Clean Laundry Bags.

3. Weapons.
As stupid as it sounds, people do it all the time. Just stand in line at a busy airport and watch what people send through X-Ray.
This also includes gag gifts and other items shaped like weapons.


4. Fluids Over 3.4 Ounces
You probably already know this, but sometimes you can still make mistakes. Be careful that you don’t accidentally throw in a bottle of perfume at the last minute, or a bottle of anything expensive.
Another thing to consider is your Duty Free shopping. One of my friends recently bought Duty Free wine when flying back from New Zealand, but it was taken from her at LAX when she went to change planes. If you buy  Duty Free perfume, put it in your checked luggage when you go through customs before re-checking your bag. Don’t try and take it on board your domestic flight with you.

5. Meats, Cheeses or Chocolate.
Grabbing a last minute wheel of Brie or a Calcio Cavallo at the airport, pre flight? Do’t pack it in your carry on luggage. Some airport xray machines can’t tell the difference between these foods and plastic explosive – they have the same density on xray.
If you are bringing them back, know you may get  searched at TSA.

6. Battery Operated Items.
If you are traveling with battery operated items, make sure you remove the batteries, or tape the on/off switch in the “off” position. They can turn on when bouncing around inside your carry on and cause you problems at TSA.
Also know that the TSA agent who is watching your bag go thru 
x-ray can see the shape of everything in your bag, and if you are packing naughty battery operated items in your carry on they probably will open your bag. In front of everyone in line. (and if I’m in that line I will die laughing!!)