Bridal Beauty Tip # 17 What The Groom Wears

I recently had the honor of being part of the team shooting one of the covers for the 15th Anniversary issue of Phoenix Bride And Groom Magazine.


For those of you not living in Arizona, this is a gorgeous, glossy magazine full of fabulous ideas and resources, not just for local brides and brides coming to beautiful, sunny Arizona for a destination wedding, but for brides anywhere in the world.
You can see a digital version of the magazine here:
Phoenix Bride and Groom Magazine online 
I also write and shoot bridal beauty based stories for their blog

The story that I shot with them for the 15th Anniversary Issue
was all about what the groom wears. Rather than the traditional black tuxedo, the magazine paired up with designer Ted Baker and explored some fashion forward options for the guys in the wedding party.




The story was shot at one of our stunning wedding venues in north Scottsdale, Sassi
Photography by Ben And Kelly Photography
Styling by Jennifer O’Bannon
Hair by Amber Tillinghast
Makeup by Corinna Cooke

in the makeup room for the Phoenix Bride and Groom 15th Anniversary cover shoot

Wedding Makeup Myths Debunked

Bridal beauty is big business. Brides all over the world hit the interwebs everyday, searching out every detail about how to look sensational on their big day. There is some great information out there, but there is also a ton of dis-information. 

I consult with brides every week of the year, and hear the same myths over and over. 

Here are 4 Wedding Makeup Myths, Debunked.

image via Phoenix Bride and Groom Magazine
hair by Will Zecco
makeup by Corinna Cooke

1.) “You need to do your makeup heavier for pictures”

No. Actually you don’t.

There are so many foundation options now that give you flawless coverage, but can be applied super sheer, creating the illusion of gorgeous, perfect skin. Which after all is the goal with foundation anyway.

Cheeks should glow and look fresh, not like great stripes of war paint, and eyes should be enhanced, not overkilled.

A face full of thick, heavy makeup looks hideous, and as the night moves on it looks progressively worse. 

Beautifully applied makeup photographs beautifully.

2.) “You can’t wear sunscreen on your wedding day”

Yes you can. 

You couldn’t pay me to go even one day without sunscreen! There are definitely formulations that leave the skin feeling slimey, and there are formulations that flare or flashback white with flash photography, but there are plenty of others that work perfectly, giving you sun protection all day long.

Kiehls Super Fluid UV Defense SPF 50 is a sheer formula that protects you from 90% of the sun’s damaging (aging) rays, and stops you from burning. It feels as light as air on the skin.

Skinceuticals Sheer Physical UV Defense SPF 50
This facial SPF has state of the art technology to keep you completely protected. The formula is super sheer, paraben free, and is ideal for all skin types, even the most sensitive. It also plays beautifully with makeup, and doesn’t flare with flash photography. 
Love it. 

Remember getting sunburned on your wedding day is the ultimate bridal beauty buzzkill!

3.) ” You have to use colors and styles that are in fashion”

Nope. Not true.

The goal here isn’t to make you look like a fashion victim – it’s to make you look like the most gorgeous version of you. Your wedding day makeup should be timeless and beautiful. When you look at those pictures on your wall in 10 years time you don’t want to be haunted by colors that make no sense or that have dated, statement brows that now look silly ( instagram eyebrows are the worst offenders!), you want to see yourself looking radiant and lovely and timeless.

4.) “You need to wear big false lashes”

I am all about lashes. I love them to death. But there are many things to take into consideration when selecting lashes for your wedding day, one of which being the light that you will be photographed in. Most brides have their wedding pictures shot outdoors in natural light. If you have a bright sunny day a big strip of lashes or a dense strip of lashes will act like an awning poking out over your upper eyelids, casting a huge shadow below. Light will grab hold of the black strip and make you look like you are squinting in all your pictures.

A good makeup artist will not be married to one lash, but will have an assortment of lashes with her, and select the right one for that day.

I adore strip lashes, but often use individual lashes in my brides as I can accentuate the lashline without chugging down the eye.

A girl’s gotta have options…

Bridal Makeup Trends For Fall 2014

Sometimes magazines ask me for my thoughts on products or on upcoming trends in beauty and makeup. 
I invariably forget to repost the articles on my blog, This week Phoenix Bride and Groom Magazine published a story about 
Bridal Makeup Trends for Fall 2014, and featured me in it. The information is relevant both for girls having a fall wedding, and for girls who just enjoy makeup. 

makeup touchups during a Phoenix Bride and Groom Magazine photoshoot

Here is an excerpt from the article:

What are the makeup trends for Fall and Winter 2014 weddings?

Corinna Cooke:

-Metallic eye shadows are huge for Fall 2014. Stay away from silvers and greys – they can make the skin look cold and can enhance any under eye discoloration you may be wanting to disguise! Opt instead for universally flattering shades of bronze and soft champagne golds.

-Eyes are well defined for fall, and this season they are featuring lots of lashes.

-Skin is glowing for fall winter 2014, so get facials and keep your complexion both exfoliated and hydrated, and use a silicone based foundation such as Makeup Forever HD Foundation or Face Atelier Ultra Foundation to keep the skin looking alive and vibrant.

What about wedding day do’s and don’ts? 

Corinna Cooke:

Make up do’s for your wedding day: make sure your skin is super hydrated before you put makeup on. Drink tons of water in the days leading up to your wedding, and that morning apply moisturizer liberally, giving it at least 30 minutes to soak in before you put on primer and foundation.

Makeup dont’s: Don’t use a lipstick shade that is paler than your own lip color – it will look chalky and unflattering to both your lips and your skin tone. 

Also don’t use Bronzer as a contour product. Bronzer is designed to make your face look like it has been in the sun, and as such is reflective. It will also make your skin look muddy. Contour products are made up of black and grey and are designed to absorb light. Try Makeup Forever Sculpting Kit for a perfect contour.

Follow Corinna on Twitter, Facebook and her blog; check out her blog post and video about bronzing- it’s a must see!

Read the full article here