5 Mid – Summer Beauty Tips ~ Beauty Tip Of The Week #20

Are you getting bored with your summertime look yet? We are at the halfway mark now, so there is no time like the present to redial your beauty game, simplify and bring in some new beauty strategy.

Change To A Bold Lip


Bold lip colors are fun to wear. They brighten your face, make you look awake and alert, can spark your eye color (if you use a complimentary opposite), they make you look vibrant and they totally take the emphasis off all the makeup you usually wear.
My go-to look for summer is just brows, mascara and a bold lip. 
When you are fresh off the beach or just not in the mood to put on makeup, a bright, bold lip can pull your look together and have you looking polished and perfect.
Try MAC Lipstick in Crosswires, (a clean, pinky orange) or 
MAC Lipstick in Full Fuschia (a bright, warm, fun pink)

Pare Down To A Primer


If you’re not in the mood for foundation (during the summer I never am) even out the tone and texture of your skin with a really good primer. Primer will minimize your pores, help you control oily shine and give your skin a lovely finish.
Try Koh Gen Do Maifanshi Color Base in lavender/pink to correct sallow skin, in yellow to add a little brightness to the skin or in pearl to add brilliance.

Add A Little Highlight 


One of the fastest ways to liven and brighten your look for summer is to get highlights to frame your face. They instantly lift your complexion and play beautifully with your (faux) tan.

Make A Tiny Wing


Even though an emphatic winged eyeliner is a big trend for summer 2015, I personally think that big eyeliner in the hot sun looks completely stupid. 
You should always opt for what looks fabulous over what is the biggest trend.
A small, subtle, refined wing however, can draw the eye out, add a little intrigue and drama without overwhelming your eye in the bold summer sunshine. 
If you go see The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (and I recommend you do!), check out the gorgeous makeup on Alicia Vikander. She wears the absolute perfect winged eyeliner for summer.

Combine Your Beachy Wave With Some Braids


Braids and beachy waves are the perfect pairing this summer.
If you have a thick head of hair braids not only look cool, but they keep hair out of your face. If your hair is heavy and tends to collapse and go flat in the heat, braids help keep the illusion of volume. And beachy waves are always fabulous in the summer!

Prime Time ~ All About Primers

If you want your complexion to look younger, fresher and more even than everyone else, and if you want your makeup to last all day, the key is to use a primer.

Primers are pre-makeup bases that help mask fine lines and wrinkles, make your skin look smoother, help your foundation to go on evenly, and help it to last.

Model Katie Bunn

Photographer Eric Cassee

Hair Will Zecco

Makeup Corinna Cooke

Your skin needs to be well moisturized (makeup grabs onto dry areas, making it look uneven and patchy),
and your facial SPF needs to have a couple of minutes to absorb before you apply your primer. If your skin still feels a bit dewy give it another minute or two.

You only need a small amount – about the size of a raisin. Massage it into your skin focusing on your T Zone first, and then across your cheeks.
Apply your primer sparingly – if you use too much it will ball up under your makeup.

Primers can be slippery, making it easier for your foundation to blend. Ideally apply your foundation with a duo fiber foundation brush to get a gorgeously even and light application.

There are many different types of primer. Here are a few:

For Dryness if you battle a drier complexion, look for a primer with hydrating ingredients lick glycerin, that will help provide a barrier that holds moisture in.

For Dullness primers with a pink or lilac hue can color correct out sallowness in the skin, making it look a little fresher. I particularly love Makeup Forever HD Primer in Lilac to cancel out too much yellow or dullness in the complexion.

For Redness use a green tinted primer, but be careful – too much green will leave your complexion looking very ashy.

For Fine Lines, Wrinkles and Enlarged Pores use a primer with peptides to reduce lines or even with tea tree oil to reduce shine.

For Acne use an oil free primer with anti acne ingredients and with silica to absorb excess oils.

* Using primer on your throat, chest and the backs of your hands can leave your skin looking silky and smooth all day.

Eye Shadow primers are a must too.

They will make your eye shadow go on more evenly, make the colors more true, and will make your eye makeup hold throughout the day.
I particularly like Lorac Behind The Scenes Eye Primer

If your lipstick tends to feather, or if you have trouble keeping lipstick on, try using a lip primer, or even dab a little of your facial or eye shadow primer onto your lips first.
Give it a few moments to settle in before applying your lip liner and  lipstick.’
But remember – use it sparingly…