Lip Rescue! 5 Lipstick Quick Fixes

Lipstick might just be the ultimate beauty product.
You can lighten and brighten any look with a quick swipe of vibrant lip color. You can tone down a makeup look that is too bold with a soft lip. No time to put on makeup? No problem – throw on an over-sized pair of sunglasses and a bright lip and you are good to go!
Your lipstick can make or break your look.

But wearing lipstick does sometimes come with challenges, from your lips drying out, to bleeding, to making a mess all over your teeth. Here are 5 lipstick quick fixes.


Lipstick Problem: Your Lipstick Bleeds


Bleeding or feathering lipstick can totally blow your fabulous look. Here is the fix: powder around the outside of your lips to make sure your foundation or BB Cream is set. Line your lips with a skin toned nude liner, or with a liner to match your lip color.

Apply your lipstick with a lip brush, taking care to pull the lip brush through your lip liner, pressing the lipstick firmly into your lips.

Lipstick Problem: Your Lipstick Dries Out Your Lips


Here is the fix: change your lipstick formula – maybe matte lips aren’t your best look. Change your lipstick brand – some companies make really drying formulas. Or apply a super hydrating lip balm 20  minutes before you apply your lipstick, and allow it to really soak in. Gently blot with a flat tissue prior to applying your lipstick. If your lips still get dry, top them off with a thin veil of lip balm. Try Tatcha Camellia Nourishing Lip Balm 

Lipstick Problem: Your Lipstick gets On Your Teeth


Not only does it look awful, but it’s embarrassing too! And we’ve all had it happen. 

Here’s the fix: Apply your lipstick with a lip brush. This helps to really press the lipstick into your lip. Next make your lips into an O shape, insert your index finger, wrap your lips around it, and pull your finger back out of your mouth. The lipstick that would have landed on your teeth will now be wrapped around your finger.

Lipstick Problem: Your Longwear Lipstick Won’t Come Off


When your longwear lipstick doesn’t want to come off it normally looks really awful too. Your lip looks dull and stained, and longwears tend to dry your lip out and make the product look chunky and gritty.

Here is the fix: Apply a layer of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly or some olive oil, and let it soak for 15 minutes before gently removing with a cotton pad. Quick makeup artist hack? Soak a cotton pad with Makeup Forever Sens Eyes, hold it against the lip for a few moments, then gently lift away the longwear lip stain.

Lipstick Problem: Your Lipstick Fades Too Quickly


So you love that punchy, bright lipcolor, but it fades or looks uneven within a couple of hours?

Here’s the fix: maybe it’s the formulation? Try a super saturated lipstick with a strong color payoff like Temptu Color True Lips.

Or, prep your lips before you apply lipstick by making sure they are not too slimy with lip balm. After blotting fill the entire lip in with the matching lipliner to your lipstick. Apply a coat of lipstick, blot it with a folded tissue, then take a new tissue, separate the two layers into one ply, pres it against the lip and apply a thin veil or setting powder on top of the single ply tissue, then remove it and add another coat of lipstick. This should make your lip color hold.


3 Ways To Wear Red Lips This Valentine’s Day

3 Ways To
Wear Red Lips This Valentine’s Day

Day is best served with a bold red lip.
A red lip is sexy, it can be fierce, it demands attention, and it is the calling card of the vixen.
But if you are a girl who doesn’t normally wear red the
mere thought of that can be overwhelming! 
If a red lip seems scary, or feels
like too much work, here are 3 easy ways 
to slip into a sexy Valentine’s rouged moue.

lipliner and gloss

1.   Ease your way in to red by lightly
coloring your entire lip with a red lipliner, then adding a clear gloss.

lipliner and lipstick patted in with your finger

2.   Want something a little more
substantial but still keeping it muted? Shape your lip with a red liner then
pat a soft red lipstick on with your finger. You can control the intensity by
tapping on a little more or a little less depending on your mood.
In the picture above we kept it super soft and subtle.

3.   Feeling a little more emboldened? 

bold, matte, red lip

out a velvety matte red lip. Shiny red lips can slip and slide, and often men cringe at the thought of kissing them and getting it all over their face.
Matte is the easiest way to wear red as it doesn’t
move or bleed and stays on your lip rather than your glass. Or your man.
And it’s sexy.


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The model in this story is my assistant Whitney, and all images were photographed by Jessica Savidge (

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How To Find Your Perfect Shade Of Red Lipstick

Ever notice how some girls can just own it in red lipstick, and others really don’t?

image via I’m Not A Barbie

Red can be overwhelming, but there are a few tricks to mastering it.

First up, if you don’t normally wear red, ease into it. Sometimes a red gloss can be a good stepping stone to get you used to such a strong color – you don’t need to launch straight into red in its boldest form.

Next, know which undertone is right for your skin.

image courtesy of

If you are fair skinned, try a blue based red.
If you have an olive complexion you will look better in an orange based fire engine red or a brick red.
If you are dark complected a deeper more burgundy based red will look amazing.

A true, movie star red (like Julie Hewett Rouge Noir) looks amazing on pretty much everyone.

The key to owning it in a red lip is to keep everything else simple.
Keep your foundation clean, accent your brows and keep your eye almost bare.

Be a little bit more specific with your application – red needs more definition. A messily applied beige is neither here nor there, but a messily applied red lust looks awful.

Cameron Diaz, jeans, white shirt and red lips

A final note: don’t save red lipstick for when you’re dressing up. It looks killer with jeans or cutoffs and a white shirt.

image from blondeambition07