Product Spotlight Milk Blur Sticks

Milk Blur Stick

Have you tried the Milk Makeup Blur Sticks? Do you want to create a smooth, matte finish to your makeup while minimizing your pores? I think that is pretty much all of us, right? I’m pretty excited about these products and you to know about them too.

Last week I was honored to be one of 10 bloggers invited to a Bubbly and Brunch business event that was sponsored by Sephora. I love mimosas, I love getting to meet other bloggers and I love getting a big gift bag from Sephora!

The event itself gives brands a chance to meet one on one with bloggers, make some connections, and see if you might be a good fit for some business collaborations. I love getting to meet people face to face, and frankly I just love chatting with everyone!

Anyway, this is not a sponsored post, but I wanted to tell you about these Milk Makeup Blur Sticks that were in my gift bag from Sephora.

I hadn’t actually tried these prior to last week, but I think they are pretty fabulous. Blur sticks can either be used as a pre makeup mattifier, to prep the skin and get it ready for makeup, or you can wear it alone on bare skin.


What Is A Blur Stick?

I received both the original Blur Stick and the Luminous Blur Stick.

Milk Blur Sticks

The Original Blur Stick acts like the best selfie filter you have ever used. It minimizes the appearance of pores, fine lines and imperfections with its blurring microsphere technology. When used to prep the skin under makeup the Blur Stick makes foundation glide on smoothly and leaves you with a matte finish.

Milk Blur Stick

If you tend to get shiny, or if your forehead seems to look shiny in photos (mine always does!) you will love this. Blurring technology diffuses light and stops it from bouncing off your face, giving you that lovely filtered look. Unlike other mattifiers it gives your skin a soft finish rather than a dried out, dead matte look. You skin still looks alive.

I like it under makeup but I also like it on its own. I have good skin, but without makeup on it often looks shiny. Today I am wearing the Blur Stick by itself and it not only makes my skin look nice (and not shiny) but it also doesn’t feel like there is anything on my skin. I love it!

The other Blur Stick I received was the Luminous Blur Stick.

Milk Luminous Blur Stick

The Luminous Blur Stick works like the original to filter your skin, minimize fine lines and pores, but it has a golden pearl infusion that makes the skin glow. As the warmer months approach and we start seeing more skin again the Luminous Blur Stick is a lovely way to highlight your shoulders and collar bones and make the skin look radiant.

If you have a combination skin you can mattify your T zone with the original Blur Stick and add some glow to your cheeks with the Luminous Blur Stick.

If you are getting married the original Blur Stick is a fantastic pre makeup product to keep your skin looking soft filtered!

How Do You Use A Blur Stick?

Blur Sticks are really easy to use. Once your skin care has soaked in you literally just draw the blur stick across your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin and then buff it out with a duo fiber brush, a makeup sponge, or your fingers! This product is designed to be like a veil over your skin, so keep your application sheer.

Milk Blur Stick

If you have dry skin make sure you moisturize well before using your Blur Stick. If you make dry skin look more matte it can end up making it look even drier. If you are well moisturized before using your Blur Stick you will achieve that gorgeous soft focus finish.

If your skin has a rough surface be sure to exfoliate it first.


Some other interesting things about the Milk Blur Sticks:

Both types of Blur Stick are oil free and silicone free. I actually use silicone based foundations, so cosmetic silicones don’t bother me, but I know that they do bother some people.

The Luminous Blur Stick is also Vegan, Cruelty free and Gluten free.

The Original Blur Stick is also Vegan, Cruelty free, and Gluten free, but is Talc free, Soy free and non comedogenic too.

You can find Milk Blur Sticks online here at (affiliate links)

Here are some tutorial videos for Blur Stick and for Luminous Blur Stick.


How To Choose The Best Face Masks For Your Skin Type


skin care face masks

Its fall here in Phoenix, which means it is full on wedding season. All weekend, every weekend from the end of September until Thanksgiving I am doing makeup for weddings. Its super fun and very fabulous!

One thing I have been noticing lately is that most girls have really, really dry skin. Here in Phoenix we get an extraordinary number of destination weddings, with bridal parties coming in from colder climates around the country.  Cold weather = dry skin.

Even though I am much older than most of the girls I am working with, and I live in the dry old desert of Phoenix, my skin is markedly better than theirs. I put this down to 2 major factors.

Number one:

most people are using the wrong cleanser for their skin type, and as such are stripping their skin. I find many girls using foaming cleansers or soaps that are better used by someone with really oily skin (not just a little T zone action.) I use an oil cleanser to dissolve away makeup and clear away the debris of the day. It’s super gentle on the skin.

If I’m doing a second cleanse I use a micellar water cleanser like Trish McEvoy Skin Cleansing Water.

Number two:

They don’t take advantage of all the masks available to them. Masks are a brilliant way to go after specific skin concerns, from aging to nourishing to moisturizing to decongesting to brightening – you name it, there is a mask to tackle it.


How To Choose The Best Face Masks For Your Skin Type

how to choose face masks

You choose a mask based on your skin concerns. If you have multiple skin concerns you can do several different masks per week, just listen to your skin and make sure you’re not over-taxing it.

This post contains affiliate links. See Disclosure.

How Often Should I Mask?

I use masks as many days of the week as I have time. I have a really crazy work schedule at the moment, so I’m not doing a mask every day, but I am doing them multiple days per week. I vary the masks I’m using, so that I am making my skin feel the love, not overly stressing it. Most masks only take 15 minutes, so they’re not a huge time eater.

Deep cleansing masks and exfoliating masks should only be used every week or two, depending on your skin. Over doing it can really make your skin angry, and make it red and irritated.

Enzyme Masks:

This is my preferred method for exfoliating. Aggressive exfoliating scrubs use rough particles (like crushed walnut shells!) to scratch the dead skin cells off the surface of your face. The problem is they scratch the new, baby skin underneath, giving you perpetually rough skin. (In my opinion)

Enzyme masks dissolve away the dead skin cells and debris on the surface of the skin, giving you gorgeous, radiant, glowing skin underneath.

My favorites at the moment are Tatcha Rice Enzyme Polishing Powder which I have been using for ages. Just when I was running out of it I received a new, full sized jar of it in my Zoe Report Box Of Style – perfect timing! I normally use it once every week or two as needed. Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask is amazing too. I just received one from Sephora, and had to order another immediately. This one uses beta hydroxy acids to clear your skin. You use it every day for 2 or 3 days, then drop back to once per week. The results are stunning!

Related Post: Read about Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask here.

If I am going out or have a special event I will use one of these masks before putting on my makeup. Makeup loves smooth skin!

Charcoal and Clay Masks

Charcoal masks and clay based masks are generally used to draw out impurities and give your skin a deep cleanse. They are wonderful for congested skin, or skin that needs help with blackheads and acne. If you are suffering from breakouts I recommend only using once per week as you need to let your skin complete the cycle of deep cleansing and bringing all the impurities up to the surface. Sometimes a weekly deep cleansing mask is just too much, and you need to step it back to every other week.

Some clay masks serve multiple functions. For the recent Luca Magazine Beauty shoots I used Reves de Sabine Rose Clay Mask to exfoliate, soften and smooth the models skin prior to doing their makeup. It feels really luxurious, and it gives the skin a gorgeous glow. I moisturized after the mask and then put on the makeup, and it was exquisite!

rose clay mask

Masks By Skin Concern

Dull Skin

If my skin is looking dull I like to use a resurfacing mask such as the Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask or the Tatcha Rice Enzyme Powder, followed by a brightening sheet mask. I don’t always do them on the same day as I hardly ever have that much time, but where possible it is my Sunday night routine.

Tatcha has a new Violet C Radiance Mask that I haven’t had a chance to try yet, but you just cannot go wrong with their products, they really are just exquisite.

Dehydrated Skin

I love nourishing, moisturizing masks and use them a couple of times per week if possible. A moisture mask may be as simple as a sheet mask or as involved as a rich creamy mask.


Angry Skin

If your skin is looking angry – irritated, red, generally not happy with you, you need to use a calming, soothing mask. Ren makes a lovely calming mask called Evercalm Ultra Calming Rescue Mask that reduces inflammation, redness and irritation. Oatmeal is a great skin-calmer, and I found the Ultra Repair Instant Oatmeal Mask by First Aid Beauty at Sephora. I don’t really get angry skin, so haven’t used either of these on myself.

Bloomingdales sent me the Kiehls Calendula and Aloe Soothing Hydration Mask recently in a bonus box. I love it. I used it a lot at the end of summer when my skin had had enough of heat, sun, airplanes etc, but it would also be wonderful for angry skin.


Aging Skin

Aging skin needs a couple of masks. Skin that is aging tends to look dull, so a brightening mask is a must. It also needs nutrients, so nourishing, moisturizing masks are wonderful too.


Sephora has a great Mask Buying Guide that pairs your skin concern with the ideal mask options. It takes the work out of choosing the right face mask for your skin needs., Inc.


What Is Hyaluronic Acid And Does It Help Your Skin?

I am skin care obsessed.

If you want your makeup to look gorgeous you have to first focus on the skin underneath, making sure it is hydrated and glowing. When I am working, regardless of whether I’m doing a magazine shoot or prepping a celebrity for an on-camera appearance (or anything in between), the first step is to prep the skin. On most skins I will use a serum containing hyaluronic acid to super-boost the complexion’s hydration equation. When the complexion is beautifully hydrated foundation glides on easily and stays looking gorgeous much longer.

On myself I like to use a serum containing hyaluronic acid both morning and night to both plump up my skin and keep it hydrated. has this fabulous info-graphic which explains hyaluronic acid beautifully. If you haven’t been to their website before, it is a fabulous resource for skin care info.

At the bottom of this post I have a group of serums containing hyaluronic acid that you can find at Sephora.



Hyaluronic Acid For Skin: The Little-Known Secret To Healthier Skin