Jimmy Love In Texas

So we all know by now just how much I truly love Jimmy Choo.
My favorite shoes of all time.

But not all Jimmy Choo stores are created equal.
Some of them are staffed by supercilious fools
who don’t quite understand that although it all ends with the shoe
it begins with the total shopping experience.

Its that little love dance that is looking, holding,
oohing and ahhing,
trying them on, walking around in them.
Stepping into a Jimmy Choo store needs to be an experience,
its the prelude to the grand event.

Last weekend in Dallas we found our way into what has become
my absolute favorite Jimmy Choo store on earth.

The Jimmy Choo in Highland Park Village.

Sloane, Christi and Jessica are three of the most fun, enthusiastic,
fashion forward girls you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting.
In fact, they were so fabulous that we actually went back the second day
for another round of Jimmy Choo-ing.
And they totally get the concept of making a Jimmy purchase
(which, incidentally can run parallel to mortgage payment)
into a total event.

So lets have a little look at what we found…

This is the Mia shoe.
For some reason I am so drawn to bold yellow heels.
Christi pointed out though that as I already have
Jimmy slingbacks in yellow
I should maybe look at this shoe in biscuit.
She was right.
Hmmmm. Love them in biscuit!
(I’d already taken these pictures of them in yellow)

This one is the Nixon.
I’ve had this picture on my computer for ages.
That’s just part of the dance.
I look at and dream about a shoe for a fair amount of time
before I go get it.
I try not to impulse buy shoes of this caliber.
That’s not how this love affair runs.

Christi was wearing this shoe in black.
Sloane pointed out that the almond shade would go with everything under the sun,
and that I can wear it year round.
(And just between you and me,
it is quite possibly the most comfortable shoe
I have ever worn.)
Super high, super gorgeous, and you can stand in it forever.

Sloane took this picture of our feet in our Nixons
so we could facebook and twitter the world
about how much fun race weekend in Dallas really is!

Jimmy Choo at Highland Park Village in Dallas
ships shoes anywhere and everywhere.

So if you find a Jimmy that you can’t live without
but you’re not getting treated the way you should be,
just pick up the phone and call Sloane, Christi or Jessica.
(214) 528-6801
They will be more than happy to totally take care of you,
make you feel special,
and ship your shoe love,
tax free no less,
to wherever it is that you are.