Coachella Cool ~ The Best Braids of Spring

coachella cool braids

Here comes festival season, the season of boho chic and ultra cool vibes.

spring braids

Whether you are heading out to Coachella or heading out to the cupcake store for some Saturday morning sugar, the hairdo of the moment has to be the braid.

braids cupcakes

A girl with a braid always looks fashion forward. The braid du jour is slightly messy, soft and relaxed. It modernizes an outfit that’s dressy or sophisticated, and it makes your most casual ensemble completely au courant.

coachella braids

The braid is the perfect hairstyle for the free spirited iconoclast.

coachella festival braids

hair braids spring

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Not sure how to pull off the best braids of spring? Chrissy Rasmussen of Habit Salon in Gilbert is the queen of braids. She travels the country teaching classes, can braid you up if you are in Arizona, and can give you endless braid-envy eye candy on her Instagram @Hairby_Chrissy.

spring braids

Find Chrissy on Facebook and check out more amazing braids on her Habit Salon page

All images for this story were photographed by Brad Olson Photography, Hair by Chrissy Rassmussen, Makeup by Whitney Rammer.

Creative Director Corinna Cooke.

Shot on location at Sweet Tooth Fairy in Gilbert Arizona for LUCA Magazine

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How To Transition Your Hair From Winter To Spring

Now that spring is finally here,

its time to say goodbye to your drab winter locks,

and get your hair ready for the new season.

Sometimes its hard to know quite where to start,

so here is how to transition your hair from winter to spring

in four easy steps.

Image courtesy

  1.) Give it a cut, and make it a big one.

After months of dull weather, hats and air-conditioning hair starts to look dried out, the ends look split and

tired, and overall your ‘do looks a little lifeless, so there is no time like the present to give it a really good, substantial cut. Spring is a great time to either go for that whole new look you’ve been thinking about, or if you’re staying with the same style as you had before, get a really good cut, and unload all the excess weight and damage that you’ve been dragging around.

2.) Invest in some really good treatment masks and/or deep treatment conditioners.

Ask your stylist which products are best for your type of hair, and which products are actually going to penetrate the shaft of the hair. A conditioning treatment that just sits on the surface of the hair shaft isn’t going to do you that much good.

Its also a great time to think about a keratin treatment or a Brazilian blowout to keep hair smooth, manageable and luscious as the warm weather, sunshine and humidity approach.

3.) Change up your products.

I love Moroccan Oil products

Sometimes change is good! Your hair may have become used to the products in your current regimen, or maybe it requires something different for the new season. Again talk to your stylist and get recommendations for which products are best for your particular hair type.

Using the right products can make all the difference when it comes to how your cut or color wears.

4.) Change up your color.

image courtesy

Trade out lowlights for highlights. Lighten, brighten and excite your winter look with color. Work with colors that maximize the shape of your cut, and that lighten and brighten your face.

Try something new, or enhance what you are already working with