Post – Summer Hair Fixes

By the time a long, fun summer comes to an end your hair is thrashed.

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Sun, surf, and chlorine all do their damage to your hair. Perspiration through your scalp, dry shampoos and all the products you use in your hair can gunk up your scalp. The combination of these things can leave you with dull, damaged, color challenged hair, so in order for your hair to look luscious for fall it’s time to the following four steps:


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1 Microderm Your Scalp

My hair dresser turned me onto this and it is one of the best hair tricks I have ever learned. Just as the skin on your body and on your face need exfoliating, so does your scalp. When your scalp gets a build up of products and dead skin and sebum it can start closing over the follicle, and hair gets thinner and loses its luster.

Using a microdermabrasion treatment at the end of summer clears your scalp and makes way for your hair to grow thick and shiny.

It’s a great thing to do pre having your hair colored, and my hairdresser has me do it at the end of each season. You won’t believe the difference in your hair and how bouncy it gets after one of these treatments!

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I use Nioxin Scalp Renew Dermabrasion Treatment. I order it on Amazon.

2. Get Cut.

When summer is over it’s time to get a really good cut. 

Refresh your shape, get rid of damaged, split ends and get some new movement in your hair for a fabulous fall look.

3. Masque It.

Summer dehydrates your hair. It losses its luster, gets lank and dull and gets dry dry dry. Show your locks the love by using deep conditioning treatments and masks. My hairdresser makes me use a heavy duty conditioning treatment every time I shampoo, but you may want to do it every couple of weeks or so.

Masque for Beautiful Color 6fl.oz, , large

When I want to spoil myself I use Oribe’s incredible Masque For Beautiful Hair available at Space NK

I use lots of Bumble and Bumble products, including their Mending Mask.

I also love Moroccan Oil Intense Hydration Mask. Not only does it make your hair feel beautiful, it smells divine too!

4. Color It.

As fall approaches it’s time to change up your color. Ashy, white and platinum blondes need to soften down to soft beige blondes, brunettes can add in a little warmth. Maybe you want some balayage, maybe you want a major change, or maybe just a little toning. Regardless, it’s time to work your color!

Six Summer Beauty Hair Saves ~ Beauty Tip Of The Week #22

Don’t let the summer heat, sun, surf, sand and chlorine ruin your hair!


Whether you are fighting frizzy hair, battling heat induced deflation (is your hair just collapsing like mine is??) finding your color fading, your hair is drying out, or it’s being stripped of it’s luster, here are 6 summer hair saves that you can order online from 
Space NK.

Six Summer Hair Saves

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray $29. I love this for the gorgeous soft and shiny beachy waves it gives. Most salt sprays leave your hair feeling crunchy, this one leaves it feeling really soft.

Dry Shampoo is the absolute key to keeping your hair from collapsing when you are battling the summer heat/humidity/hat hair blues. R+Co Death Valley Dry Shampoo $17 comes in travel size, perfect for vacations, weekend beach trips or just to slip into your handbag.

I’m a huge fan of Oribe Gold Lust Nourishing hair Oil $49 (also available in travel size). Like all Oribe products it smells sensational, and I would happily buy it for that reason alone, but the product itself is amazing. It is super lightweight, so doesn’t weight your hair down like some others do. It nourishes, protects, conditions and gives you gorgeous shine. And it feels luxurious.

I also always travel with travel sized Oribe Conditioner for Beautiful Color $15 partly because it almost feels decadent it’s sol lovely, and partly because it nourishes and protects from dulling UV rays like no other.

Rainforest grown, gluten free, 100% organic Rahua Voluminous Conditioner $34 conditions, adds volume and bounce to hair that’s had enough summer already, and can also be used when you’re styling your hair to add control and prevent frizz.

The hair stylists I work with on shoots have taught me the value of flexible hold hairspray when you want bounce and movement in your hair. Shower steam plus R+Co Outer Space Flexible Hairspray $17 and some velcro rollers can take you from hat head, flat hair to bouncy soft summer gorgeous hair in no time at all.
And it smells like heaven.

Space NK has an entire collection of high end hair products in travel sizes (under 100ml) perfect to put in your carry on luggage.
I have all the Oribe travel sized products, as well as some of the others. Check out all the Space NK hair magic HERE

Space NK

Best Braids Of Summer

Do you wear braids?

braids at Mara Hoffman

I’m kind of crazy about them at the moment.
I’m stalling on getting my hair cut, as I’m trying to time it so that my hair will be fabulous for some big travel that I have coming up, so it’s at an in-between stage right now.


So that along with the crazy heat of summer has me utilizing braids a lot at this season.
When I’m on shoots I love having the hairstylist do some fun, wispy fishtail looks on me, but I can never do it as well as they do!

Check out these gorgeous braids for summer:




I love halo braids for keeping hair out of your face













I took this last one from Amber Fillerup’s instagram (@Amberfillerup
She does so many inspiring hairstyles using braids. She also does tutorials for them on her blog, Barefoot Blonde.