Summer Skin Rescue ~ How To Handle Oily Skin

I’ve been back from Italy for just over a week now.

While I was there they had a heatwave. Living in Phoenix I am used to hot weather, but this was hot and humid. Prior to going to Europe I had a makeup job in Belize, and oh my goodness! Not just hot but 87% humidity!!

Although humidity doesn’t give you oily skin, it certainly changes your entire skincare equation. And these weeks on end of dealing with humidity got me thinking about what you need to do if you really do have oily skin.

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When I got home I did some googling, thinking I would do a story on dealing with an oily complexion.

I found this fantastic infographic on a website called Thank Your Skin . 

If you are an oily girl, (or if you are battling with crazy humidity) I hope you check this out and find it helpful.


6 Easy Things You Can Do To Get Rid Of Oily SKin, Inc.