The Gift List For The Girl Who Loves Skin Care ~ Tatcha

Have you started making your holiday gift lists yet? 
Both to give and to receive?

Today’s post is perfect for anyone who loves skin care products.
These gift sets make gorgeous business gifts, if you are getting married they are perfect bridesmaids gifts, they are ideal for the traveler – both business travelers and recreational travelers (I buy them for myself, these are actually the products that I travel around the country and around the  world with), and they are just wonderful for any beauty maven to open under the tree. 
You just can’t go wrong!

Japanese luxury skin care brand Tatcha makes the most beautiful gift sets. The products are incredible and the packaging is lovely. You always feel special when you are opening their gift boxes, even when you are gifting them to yourself!

All the gift sets in this post can be ordered online at

The Tatcha Hakken Set $95 contains trial sizes of their world famous beauty ritual, their eye cream and their SPF.

The Hakken Set

Get products details here.

At only $25 the Yuki / Pure As Snow Set makes a fabulous stocking stuffer!

Yuki / Pure As Snow Gift Set

Yuki contains a travel sized Camellia Cleansing Oil and a Polished Rice Enzyme Powder. These two products give you skin as smooth as freshly fallen snow.
Check out the products in the Yuki Set Here.

Did you know that Indigo has healing properties? Ancient Samurai used to wear a layer of indigo cotton under their war uniforms, so that if they found themselves on the wrong end of an opponent’s sword the indigo could start the healing process immediately.
Tatcha has an entire line of Indigo skin care products. In fact the first time I ever used Tatcha I used the Indigo line to heal and sooth my winter-stung skin. I was hooked from day one and have since become their biggest fan (along with every celebrity I ever work with!)

Aiiro / Soothing Blue Gift Set

The Tatcha Aiiro / Soothing Blue Gift Set $79 is a fabulous winter gift, with it’s Indigo Handcream and luxe Indigo Body Butter.
Read about the Aiiro / Soothing Blue gift set here.
Find out about the healing Indigo product line here.

In the mood for something super-luxe? 
The  Tabi / Ultimate Journey Gift Set features a hand-finished calfskin suitcase which was crafted by artisans in Kyoto, with genuine kimono fabric woven in a pattern reserved for the Japanese Imperial Family. The case is filled with full size Tatcha skin care treasures.

Tabi / Ultimate Journey Gift Set

See the details on the Tabi Gift Set here

All Tatcha gift sets come with free shipping, samples and gift wrapping.

New Travel Bags from Stephanie Johnson

If you are starting to work out and diet to get ready for summer, and planning summer vacations, spring break getaways, long weekend mini-breaks, or a honeymoon its a good time to start thinking about how you will be traveling your makeup, skin care and haircare products. 

Chic air travel

I travel all the time both for work and for pleasure, and being that I am a makeup artist and a devotee of makeup, skin care and hair products its really important to me that I have an organized system to move everything around the country and around the world, and have it all arrive in one piece. Anyone who has ever traveled anywhere knows what a nuisance it is to arrive somewhere and find your makeup has broken, lotions and potions have leaked, or even worse the debris from this has migrated into your suitcase.

I have found that the key is to have incredibly well made, structured, strong cosmetic bags that are designed to hold up to the rigors of travel. Years ago I started to realize that all the celebrities I was working with traveled with beautiful, stylish travel cosmetic bags by Stephanie Johnson. Allowing for the fact that my actors and musicians traveled even more than I did, I knew they had to be onto something!

Gelato in Turin

Consequently I too became a devotee of Stephanie Johnson travel makeup bags. I have used them for years, and if you have been a follower of this blog you will know that I have blogged about them frequently.


I’m busy organizing spending the summer in Italy again this year, so was super excited to see the new Stephanie Johnson Torino collection.

Stephanie Johnson Torino Collection

Isn’t it lovely?

It’s an update of the Turin collection. The gelato hued zigzag weave is offset by a luscious raspberry patent leather trim and raspberry tassle zipper pulls. Inside the lining is fresh lemon.

Each bag is available individually, or if you’re like me you can choose an assortment, or the full collection.

I sometimes use the smaller bags as chic little clutch purses when I go out at night, and love to use the smaller bags as cosmetic purses inside my handbag year round.

Here are the bags individually

I use the Jenny Train Case to death when I travel. Its super sturdy and is easy to organize all my items and see them clearly. 

Stephanie Johnson Torino Collection Jenny Train Case

Hanging bags are ideal for travel. You can clearly see all your things and don’t lose valuable counter space.

Stephanie Johnson Hillary Hanging Bag, Torino Collection
Stephanie Johnson Torino Collection Hillary Hanging Bag

 The Large Fiona Trapezoid sits upright on your bathroom counter, and is surprisingly spacious.

Stephanie Johnson Torino Collection, Laura Trapezoid Bag

The Fiona Dome Cosmetic case slips into your handbag and is nice and slim. The extended zipper opening enables you to not only fit a lot inside, but to access it easily, as it opens wider than most bags.

Stephanie Johnson Torino Collection Fiona Cosmetic Bag

The Mary Brush Case hold both makeup and brushes

Stephanie Johnson Torino Collection, Mary Brush Case

And a girl has to have a color co-ordinated iPad case when she travels!

Stephanie Johnson Torino Collection iPad case

For those of you getting married this spring/summer, Stephanie Johnson Travel Cosmetic bags are ideal to take on your honeymoon, and also make deliciously stylish and chic bridesmaids gifts.

Everyone knows that kisses taste better in Italy!! ~ Kissing in Turin…

If you are a travel enthusiast (like me!) or if you just enjoy looking at other people’s travel, Stephanie Johnson has a fantastic blog that gives you a window into her chic and exciting life of travel, called 

Stephanie Johnson Style Compass. In her blog she introduces you to fabulous places to go, where to stay and what to wear. Last year my entire wardrobe for Capri was based on the advice in Stephanie’s blog!

If you are an Italophile (like me!) and want to look at life in Turin,another blog I adore is 

All Roads Lead To Pecetto. This is the lifestyle blog of an expat American girl now living in Turin with her handsome Italian man. It doesn’t get much better than that!