Hey Santa!

So, big guy.
I’ve a few more things to add to my list.
And you’ve still got time to pick them up
And throw them in the back of your sleigh.

Can you swing through Top Shop in London,
and pick me up
this Kate Moss dress?
I want to wear it Christmas night

and then there’s New Years Eve to dress for.
These boots and this dress would be ideal.
Will can take care of the hairdo.
If you throw in the light boxes
I can lounge around on them
and look pensive, yet moody.

I want movie star skin.
Please bring me the Clarisonic Ultra Plus
Limited Edition.
If you buy it 50% of the profit will go to Susan G Komen
So keep the elves out of this one

I want a new handbag too.
I love this Tutti Frutti Maryanne
from Kate Spade.
It comes in many colors.
I love this papaya.
They call it orange.

Oh the fun a girl could have in a chain mail headdress!
Like the one Rihanna wore

I think my list is now complete.

Thank you Santa.
See you Thursday night.


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