This Week’s Red Carpet Magic

The big excitement this week on the red carpet was at the New York premiere of Nine.

The media seem to collectively think that Madge stole the show

I beg to differ.
I loved her hair
She did have La Lourdes on hand as fab accessory
Her bod was Madge-rad
But I don’t personally think she was queen of the night.

Make up mishap aside, I didn’t think Nicole Kidman was at her best either.
Although I did love her hair.
I prefer her in her long, lean L’Wren Scott dresses.
She is exquisite in them.

But Marion Cotillard was sensational in Dior.

I honestly think she looked perfect!
But she must have been freezing.
Her dress was stunning, her hair and make up lovely,
she looked divine.

My absolute favorite for the night?
Fergie Ferg

I loved this Marchesa gown on her!
Her body looked stunning, it set off her hair (I prefer her blonde,
but in this dress her brunette locks were sensational) and she was accessorized to perfection.

Her make up was lovely.
Understated, but lovely.

Here she is arriving with that guy she married.
Tiger something.
Or maybe his name is Josh.

Tiny little thing isn’t she?
But in my opinion, she owned it that night.
Big time!

And here they all are.
Daniel Day Lewis looks nice and warm!

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