Yesterday’s Shoot…

So yesterday I was on-camera (as opposed to the usual behind the camera, near the monitor spot I normally occupy) shooting a couple of beauty spots sponsored by Olay.

Lordy it was fun!!!

We shot it at the fabulously beautiful La Mar Day Spa in Scottsdale. My kind of place – so divine!

The “Green Room” really its a place to chill out on your spa day, but it also served as the holding area for the shoot. Fab!!!

The dressing rooms. So far so good!

Lights and cameras getting set up on our makeshift set

These days with technology being so advanced, you don’t need half the stuff we used to need.
2 cameras, some lights, and we’re ready.

However, of course, something went awry.
My wardrobe for the first segment was a lovely little BCBG dress and some wicked 5 inch heels by Marc Jacobs.
All was super duper right up to the moment I put the dress on.
On the hanger it was great, but once I had it on I realised it had quite the plunging neckline.

And. I. Panicked!

I had visions of a wardrobe malfunction a la Janet (Miss-Jackson-if you’re-nasty).

Oh No!!!

Not really something you want on your mind mere minutes before you walk on set.

And to make matters worse my beloved Will wasn’t there.

Now this was a twofold distresser.

A) because had he been there my hairdo would have been perfection, and with out him there, quite frankly, it wasn’t.

B) amongst other things the multi-talented Mr Zecco has a design degree.
He can eyeball a neckline and with 2 well placed one inch strips of tape not only eliminate any potential disasters and decrease the visible expanse of chestiness, but make the dress look like it was made for you and you alone.
In fact give him a couple of yards of fabric and a safety pin, and Will will give you a ballgown to die for.

But he wasn’t there to save me.

So I was on my own with this one.

I used something like 47 pieces of fashion tape to assuage my booby paranoia, and keep the girls and the dress firmly stuck together.

So here we are on set, looking quite serious. We were discussing skin care and the perfect concealer.

I have Makeup Forever HD concealer in my hand.

With the dress situation under control, it was great fun!

The spots will air in January, and I’ll no doubt post them here on the blog.

And once again I vow to never go on air again without Will there with me!



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