Purrfect Red Lips!

Lots of girls are intimidated by red lipstick.
Typically it has a texture that is either too slippery or too dry, and it is very hard to get the exact right color.
Either it is too blue, turns too orangey or pinky,
is too bold, too dark – too something!
Movie makeup artist Julie Hewett was having the same trouble as girls like you and me when she was trying to find the perfect red for Kate Beckinsdale
for the movie Pearl Harbor.
(so you and I are not alone here!)

Being a major movie makeup artist,
she just went ahead and made her own.
But she made it color perfect.And texture perfect.
Not too dry, not too moist.
She made a formula that would glide on to the lip,
not bubble or crack.
And because it was for a movie,
and would be up on a 40 foot screen she made it wear well and last beautifully.

And every fashion editor from every magazine wanted it.
Craved it.Had to have it.
So the makeup line was born.
And it is spectacular.

The Julie Hewett Noir series are the reds I use in my kit.

it appears some of you are a little scared of using reds.
I get many questions from readers asking me how to apply red lipstick just right.

So I decided to make you a little movie
on how to do the perfect red lip.

There are tons of tutorials out there on how to do the perfect red lip.
Most of them have a complex series of hoops for a girl to jump through.
Conceal this, powder that, stand on your head…

It doesn’t have to be that difficult!
Especially if you’re using the right products.
Come have a look:

The only products used are:
lip balm during the makeup application. (then removed pre-lipstick)
Julie Hewett Rouge Noir Lipliner
Julie Hewett Rouge Noir lipstick
CorinnaB lipbrush.

Julie has several reds to choose from and a very simple guide to help you choose the one that is right for you.
On her website click on Which Red Are You?

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