Swimsuit shopping 101

So its that time of the year to renew the swimsuit vows.
90% of all females hate shopping for swimwear.

I had to do it a couple of weeks ago
but was lucky enough to have a stylist pull suits & figure it all out for me.

She had tons of info that I thought you might find useful.

So here we go,

Swimsuit Shopping 101.

This season is all about the maillot (yay!)
but not all one pieces are created equal.


Your typical nylon-lycra blends don’t actually last that long, and they tend to lose their shape more quickly. Instead look for a tightly woven polymide microfiber. It will wear better and help hide your bumpy bits as well as hold you in a little better.

Metallics not only accentuate girth, but they lose sheen when wet, and can become see through.
They also stain more easily, and show suntan lotion, perspiration etc.

Always hand wash swimsuits, (preferably with specialty swimwear detergent),
rinse well and lie flat to dry.Never put in the washing machine, never tumble dry.
This will break down the fabric

Shape Shifters

Ruching or shirring in the torso hides extra weight in your mid section.

A single vertical detail in the center draws the eye upward and is instantly slimming.

High cut bottoms make the legs look longer.(but you need a firm derriere to pull it off)

Frills and extra fabric detail will make a flat chest look fuller, and plump out a flat bottom.

If you have good shoulders, a halter will draw the eye up and away from the hips.

Kenneth Cole Desert Dots Halter

A wide bust band will narrow the waist and help support big boobs.

Karla Colletto Red Maillot
Center detail or accessories will make a small chest look bigger

Small patterns are busy and distract the eye, making you look thinner
than you would in plain black

Melissa Odabash

Um..yeah…I guess you could wear this on safari…
Calvin Klein

Personally I avoid black like the plague, as I always think it looks like you’re trying to hide.
This year I wanted turquoise
But she made me buy black anyway.

My last, personal piece of advice for swimsuit shopping?
Get an airbrush tan a couple of days before you go.
If your limbs are all golden and tanned
everything will look so much better!
There’s nothing quite like winter white thighs
to make the whole experience so much worse


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