Product Shoot Phoenix Bride and Groom Magazine

Last week I had the pleasure of shooting with Lilet and Glenn Hamp of Light Rain Images.

We were shooting products for a series of articles I’m writing 

(hopefully finished writing by the time this post goes up!!)

for Phoenix Bride and Groom Magazine.

I’ve never actually been on a product shoot before,

so it was fascinating!

Entirely different from shooting people.

We got loads of behind the scenes pictures,

so you can see how it all goes down.

Product placement, and then lighting it all

are quite crucial.

I so love my helmet, gloves lipstick T-shirt from Driver Boutique

The hat says: 


For Those Who Bleed Speed.

My friend racer Jennifer Jo Cobb is Driver Boutique.

trying to make everything balance

Lilet has been shooting products for years, so has a great eye for positioning everything.

although it was early morning, the temperature was already in the low 100’s

so we had to work fast, before the makeup melted.

Lilet shooting skin care by the pool

waiting for the old guy to exit the shot.

A series of reflectors and mirrors were used to work the light.

Thats photographer Glenn Hamp holding the reflector on the left

Lilet shooting Divinity Jewelry

the main pool at the beautiful Scottsdale Resort 

  fountains at the resort

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