Alaskan Glacial Mud

So here’s another fabulous mask

that has become a staple in my makeup kit.

Alaskan Glacial Mud

This wonder mask contains the most mineral rich,
pure glacial clay in the world, richer even than Dead Sea Mud, more rejuvenating than Moorbad Mud, creamier than
the decadent Borghese Mud,
and sustainably hand harvested from
the Copper River Delta in Alaska.

It softens and detoxifies, exfoliates,has anti oxidants 
 is anti aging and immunoprotective too.

The clay in the mask soaks up excess oil

clearing the complexion,
while more than 60 major and trace elements
promote healthy skin balance and cell regeneration.
This makes it the most mineral rich mud in the world.

A special combination of certified organic 
botanical extracts further enriches this luxurious mask,
soothing and moisturizing 
and leaving you with glowing, radiant skin.

You can also use it on your body.

Get rid of back-ne, chest acne

– anywhere you’re suffering breakouts, need pampering,

or just want a good, deep cleanse.

Alaskan Glacial Mud is gently balanced for all skin types,
and is allergy and irritant free.

No matter where you are in the world

you can buy this mask online

at my favorite skin care website

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