La Mer Eye Balm Intense

 I’m a huge fan of La Mer products, and have been for years, so I was intrigued to see this piece about their eye-cream on  so decided that today I would re-post it.

I too have tried samples of the eye cream, and have absolutely loved it. Let me know your thoughts on La Mer Eye Balm Intense

La Mer Eye Balm Intense 


Have you tried La Mer‘s new Eye Balm Intense yet? I just got a few small samples and think it’s the best eye cream they’ve ever come out with (every time I think of La Mer eye cream I think of Kimora Lee talking about using La Mer face cream all over her body and the eye cream all over her face!). Like all La Mer products, this will address wrinkles but it also has a de-puffing ingredient that I’m most interested in (jump to read all the technical terms and ingredients that only rocket scientists can decipher). Basically, our eye area is prone to accumulation of fluids (mine are all puffy from traveling and very little sleep) and we need to treat the delicate eye area with this special ingredient to make it go away. Not sure what the long term effects are but there is a cool applicator wand that has a silver tip that feels very cooling and soothing when I use it. It’s richer than the other Eye balm from La Mer so I’d use it very sparingly at first to avoid any build up (those annoying white bumps around the eyes!)
La Mer The Eye Balm Intense for $145

The Marine De-Puff Ferment™ (aka the stuff that will make your eyes less puffy)
At the core of The Marine De-Puff Ferment™ is an energy-rich Deep Sea Red Algae. Although it grows in the darkest depths of the sea, this algae’s ability to thrive makes it particularly special. Forced to absorb light and photosynthesize in a unique way, The Deep Sea Red Algae is a rich energy source.
The Deep Sea Red Algae undergoes an extensive bio-fermentation process resulting in The Marine De-Puff Ferment™. Together with a rare tourmaline known for its piezoelectric properties, these ingredients are embedded in a Smart Sea Gel™ which expands and contracts to deliver ingredients deep into the skin’s surface. Fatigued looking skin is re-energized. Reducing visible irritation around the eye area, in turn helps decrease visible puffiness.
The Lifting Ferment
The Lifting Ferment™, developed from a new combination of La Mer’s Marine Peptide Ferment, Phyto Ferment, and Mineral Ferment, reinforces skin’s natural support system, encouraging a firmer, more lifted look while it reactivates skin’s clarity and brightness.
The Marine Peptide Ferment includes a powerful anti-age marine algae and peptide complex, The Phyto Ferment includes a combination of plant-derived ingredients and finally The Mineral Ferment uses a broad variety of essential minerals. Together they contribute to The Lifting Ferment’s ability to strengthen the thin under-eye “architecture”, helping skin boost its natural production of collagen and elastin to provide tremendous anti-aging benefits.
The Applicator (Love this super cool silver tipped applicator)
First debuted in 2007, La Mer has re-introduced the cooling silver-tipped applicator which helps stimulate micro-circulation, working in synergy with The Eye Balm Intense to help aid in de-puffing. The applicator is specifically designed to pick up the precise amount of product needed for each application.



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