Chanel Cruise Collection, Venice Runway Show

Sometimes some of the most sensational moments in fashion are so fleeting they are missed or forgotten too quickly, even when their artistic merit can be seen and felt for seasons to come.
I still can’t stop looking at this amazing and inspirational show.

Last year Karl Lagerfeld unveiled his 2009/2010 Chanel Cruise Collection at dusk at the legendary Grand Hotel Excelsior Venice Lido Resort.

In the 1920’s every refined member of international aristocracy could be found  lounging on Lido beach. Coco Chanel arrived in 1920 and was not only inspired by this artistic and magnificent city, but drawn to the fashionable people who frequented it.

A combination of Coco’s love of Venice, and her annual trip to this particular stretch of Italian beach made this the perfect location for the retro-glam resort wear collection.

Man Ray’s iconic portrait of the wildly eccentric Italian heiress Marchesa Luisa Casati became the inspiration for the makeup.

The dark decadence of Venice high society in the 20’s and 30’s, the melancholy magic of this moody city, and the dusty colors of her crumbling facades all contributed to an incredible makeup look that is still relevant to this season, albeit slightly softened.

The exaggerated smoky eye, with thick eye gloss, the immaculate satin-matte pallor with muted soft lips and cheeks, all work beautifully for fall 2010.

At dusk in Venice you feel, taste and breathe the looming magic as it steals your senses and cloaks you in drama and anticipation

I love the sheer madness and beauty of this image.

And now of course, I am dying to get back to Venice…

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