Revolutionary New Body Care

The Future Of Body Care Unfolds

Every so often a product line comes along that can truly be defined as revolutionary.
Introducing Mirai, Japanese age defying body care for women, by women.

Japanese women are revered for their exotic bath rituals, and their beautiful, smooth complexions.
This is an age defying body care line, combining Japanese scientific research and clinically proven natural ingredients. The Japanese are not only known for their healthy culture and longevity, but also for their superior skin health.

Mirai has taken the secrets of Japanese skin care – purifying, cleansing and anti aging botanicals and introduced a body care line which includes a Purifying Body Wash, Purifying Body Serum, and  
Instantly Purifying and Cooling Body Spritzer to help minimize the signs of aging and to support beautiful, healthy skin.

Mirai, which means “new beginning” in Japanese, has developed a breakthrough APG-40 formulation which target the evolving needs of women with maturing skin, specifically addressing the most common skin care concerns which show up due to diminishing estrogen levels.

Mirai’s founder and CEO, Koko Hayashi, developed this line with the Japanese lifestyle in mind, where beauty is based on good health, and comes from the inside out.
“Skin is our largest living organ that naturally rejuvenates itself. As estrogen levels decrease with age, the skin’s ability to rejuvenate lessens. Mirai’s products are designed to assist and boost the skin’s abilities. By living naturally and using our APG formulated products the skin begins to care for itself and the benefits become evident.”

Mirai’s fabulous body products are available at

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