1200 Pairs of Shoes???!!!

Are you kidding me???

I got this from the UK’s Daily Mail (see link below)
I either need a new goal, or need to learn how to play a killer game of poker.
Or both.

Imelda Marcos Eat Your Heart Out

One pair of Louboutins is a dream for many girls, let alone a staggering 700 pairs.
Beth Shak – whose ‘name is synonymous with shoes’ – has the enviable honour of being one of killer-heel designer Christian Louboutin’s best customers.
And, at last count, the poker champion owns a colossal 1,200 pairs of shoes.

She says the French shoe maestro ‘has an eye for design and he knows what a woman wants’ – and has sunk a fortune into her admiration of some of the world’s top fashion houses.

A professional poker player, Ms Shak started buying designer shoes in 2004, amassing the enormous collection in just seven years.
She treats herself to a pair of red-soled Louboutins each time she plays a poker tournament, but also wears Lanvin flats and ‘goes through Havaianas on a daily basis.’

The proud owner of a specially-designed closet housing the fruits of her obsession – and her career – Ms Shak displays red encrusted Alexander McQueen heels at the centre of her collection. 
Even if Ms Shak used a different pair of shoes every day for three years, she would still have ample fresh heels to look forward to wearing
And, with Louboutins averaging $500-900 per pair, Ms Shak is likely to have spent over $420,000 on the French brand alone.
One pair of Louboutin alligator pumps cost Ms Shak about $4000 and accounts for her most expensive footwear purchase

The mother of three has appeared on MTV Cribs and cites Jenifer Lopez as the celebrity she most admires.
It’s likely, though, that even J-Lo would be envious of Ms Shak’s heels, which include a pair of one-off spade-emblazoned Walter Steiger pink pumps, that she wore to the Poker World Series last year.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2018747/Imelda-Marcos-eat-heart-Beth-Shak-1-200-pairs-shoes.html#ixzz1TQXyh1ru

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2018747/Imelda-Marcos-eat-heart-Beth-Shak-1-200-pairs-shoes.html#ixzz1TQXqgs6z

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