The Brows Have It

Its all about the eyebrows.

Fabulous Arizona Muse is known for her beyond fabulous brows

I have this conversation all the time.
When girls find out what I do for a living, they invariably ask me what I would change about their makeup.
My attention is always drawn immediately to their brows. Maybe the shape is a bit wacky, maybe they are too overdone, or maybe they are too understated.

So here are the rules on brows.

1. They are the most crucial element in shaping the face, and therefore, in flattering the face.

2. Brows that are too thin make your face look angry, or freaked out.
Thin brows amplify your features, they make your nose look bigger, your chin pointier, your face wider. They actually make your features look sharper and more severe, are incredibly aging, and are not at all flattering.
Got that?

Beautiful Liu Wen. Perfect brows, in perfect balance

3. Go for slightly thicker, more natural brows.
They make the face look younger and fresher.
A slightly thicker brow enhances your eyes, cheeks, and lips, making your face looked balanced, with everything working in harmony.

4. Shape and tint your brows every 4 weeks.
Ideally have them tinted a shade or 2 darker than your natural hair color.
Maintain the shape as best you can in between visits to the salon by tweezing strays.

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