Skin 2 Skin – Super Smart Anti Aging Skin Care

There’s nothing quite like a sensational skin care line to make me swoon.

In my never ending quest to find exemplary, fast acting, result driven skin care lines I have come across a true gem in Skin 2 Skin.
The back-story on this one is the groundswell of Hollywood actors who not only swear by the line, but won’t use anything else. That coupled with key makeup artists who are putting the entire cast of popular television shows onto the product, because the results are so astounding, no matter what your skin type – effectively had me at hello.

There was enough of a rumble in the makeup jungle that I had to get my hands on some and try it out for myself.

About the line:
Skin 2 Skin pushes the envelope to offer men and women the best of all worlds. Natural, certified organic extracts with the highest possible concentration of 21st century anti aging peptides and dermatologist recommended ingredients. Both men and women experience softer and healthier appearing skin the first time they use Skin 2 Skin. Within the first week the clarity and luminosity of the skin is nothing short of amazing.
I’m hooked.

The Story: (the short version…)

Skin 2 Skin was developed out of necessity. In November 2005 CEO and founder Ken Simpson was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Treatment included successful radiation of the tumor, but the three entry points for the radiation treatments were all directed at his head and face, including one directly under his eye.
The side effects to his skin were drastic and alarming – his skin became discolored, sore, raw, broken out, dry, overly sensitive and show extreme signs of accelerated aging.
With 20 years background in the skin care industry Ken had the knowledge and experience in formulations, ingredients, and functions of products, he began to seek out products that would not only protect his skin during radiation treatments, but also restore it.

With his extreme knowledge of the products on the market, he ascertained that
a) there was nothing out there that was going to work and
b) everything was either synthetic or a combination of synthetic and a small percentage of natural ingredients. They had low concentrations of 21st century peptide technology, or none at all, and
c)his skin was so damaged that only non toxic, natural ingredients would suffice.
d) he was going to have to create something new & utilize cutting edge technologies.

Consequently this amazing line is 100% Toxic Free, the ingredients are medical grade (that means power packed results), certified organic and biodegradable. There are no parabens, Petroleums, Phthatates, Sulfites
Mineral Oils, Synthetic Colors or Fragrances, PABA, and no animal ingredients or animal testing.

What does this mean for you and me? Very fast acting, result producing products that encompass healing, preventing and anti-aging features that will stop you in your tracks. Because they use medical grade ingredients the products are super potent – a little goes a long way. That translates to huge results from products that last longer than the rest. (saving you money)

In the short time that this incredible line has been available to the public it has won no fewer than 11 major beauty awards, and has built a huge, loyal following.

So lets look at the products:

So far I have been using

Oatmeal and Pomegranate Face Scrub

Normally I am not a fan of scrubs, but this one is a rich and creamy sulphate free scrub, that is very gentle yet still very effective. It doesn’t strip or irritate the skin, but instead is moisturizing, is anti inflammatory and has very powerful anti-aging anti oxidants.
It tones, nourishes and moisturizes the skin while lifting away dead surface cells.

Anti Sagging Renewal Serum

The name is not so sexy – but then again, neither is sagging skin.
This powerhouse serum facilitates the overall production of Collagen, Collagen IV and Hyaluronic Acid, which strengthens the elasticity and tightens the skin, significantly reducing fine lines and wrinkles.
It also contains very powerful antioxidants.
Skin feels firmer, smoother and more robust, and results are clearly visible inside of 2 weeks.
Its fantastic.


Revitalizing Eye Gel

This one is anti inflammatory, so it reduces puffiness. It hydrates and nourishes, visibly brightens dark circles, and has powerful antioxidants. With continued use connective tissue shows long term increase, improving the most sever signs of aging.

Next on my uber coveted  product list I’m getting the White Tea Face Wash, White Tea Mask and the day and night creams.

There is a Sexy Skin Introductory Set available with trial sizes of the White Tea Wash, Aging Intervention Cream, Revitalizing Eye Gel and Anti Sagging Serum, that gives you a 30 day supply.

If you have young skin that shows no signs of aging yet, this line is the perfect way to keep your complexion looking youthful.
If your skin shows any signs of aging, no matter how faint or extreme this is your remedy.
On my next movie I am putting my entire cast on these products. They’re just that outstanding.

But don’t just take my word for it – Skin 2 Skin has been written up in magazines around the world, including
Allure, ELLE, W, and Shape. To see some of the press the line is getting, CLICK HERE
Love it.

Find a list of locations, or order directly on the Skin 2 Skin website

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