Sunscreen Skin Smart

Nothing ages your skin more quickly, or damages it more than uncensored exposure to the sun. But in the world of Facial SPF’s there are 4 key rules to getting it right:
Watch Out For Windows
UVA rays go straight through the glass in your car, your office, your home.

According to Clinical Interventions In Aging a recent study showed that people exposed to sunlight through a window for at least 2 hours per day had facial wrinkles up to 26% larger on the side of the face that was closer to the window.
Even airplane windows offer potential damage (think brown spots and wrinkles) due to the altitude intensified exposure to UVA rays.
Protect your assets by wearing facial SPF every single day, even if you will be in the office all day. Also applying sunscreen to the backs of your hands when driving will help prevent premature age spots from showing up and giving your age away…

Take Sunscreen With You

Applying facial SPF first thing in the morning before you do your makeup is essential, but it won’t last all day.
Keep a spare bottle in your desk at work to touch up with, or if you have makeup on keep a mineral powder SPF  such as ColoreScience SPF50 either in your desk or in your handbag, and make sure you use it!

Are You Applying Enough?
To actually achieve the SPF rating on the label you have to use the right amount, and most people don’t.
Smearing a fingerfull on over your moisturizer won’t cut it. For facial SPF you need to use a teaspoon of product, which should cover your face,ears and throat.

A swimsuit clad body needs 5 full tablespoons of sunscreen, which must be frequently reapplied. The only exception is if you are using a mineral sunblock with micronized titanium or zinc, in which case you would use half that amount.

Lets go over that one more time….
You MUST reapply Facial SPF during the day. We all know about rebooting our coverage when we’re at the beach or by the pool, but you need to get into the habit of reapplying your sunprotection to your face and to your hands during the day.

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