Tom Ford’s 10 Beauty Commandments

I love Tom Ford. 
To pieces.

This fall he is rolling out a complete makeup collection (after the teaser of his lipstick collection, launched last summer).
Quite apart from the fact that anything attached to his name rewrites the book on fabulous, this collection is extra exciting because Tom Ford Beauty is not about looking natural or sporty. Its about full on, banging, glamorous, hot damn you’re fierce, fabulous beauty. He likes a girl who looks like she’s wearing makeup.
Did I mention I love him??

So anyway, Vogue Magazine’s September Issue did a story on the Ford Face, and his 10 Beauty Commandments, and it is just too good to pass up. So if you didn’t read every page of the September issue, these 10 Commandments are for you!

Tom Ford’s 10 Beauty Commandments

1.You don’t need sleep to look radiant.
I’m taking his word on this one.
Tom Ford traceless foundation stick and finishing powder used in moderation takes out any under eye shadows and discoloration.
~Typically I think powder under the eyes makes you look older and more sleep deprived. 
But he’s Tom Ford. So I’m rolling with it….

2.Get a dressing table
I’m with him here. Makeup shouldn’t be applied on the subway or in the car. Ever. Treat it as an event, respect yourself – even if its a 10 minute application, give it its own time and space. She who puts effort in looks better for it.

3. Manners Maketh Makeup
Tom Ford is famously old fashioned about putting your face on in public. He says take all touch ups to the powder room, unless you have a gorgeous hand, a gorgeous compact and totally gorgeous mannerisms.
Isn’t he just gorgeous???

~again I differ here. Lip touch ups are OK in my book so long as your modus operandi has a little flair and a touch of fab…

4. Makeup is the new “It” bag
Quoting from the article ” you can take a little black dress” explains Ford “and put on 20’s makeup or 30’s makeup or 70’s makeup and that dress becomes totally different”

5.Thou Shalt Wear Full On Color For Evening.

I. Love. Him. So.
Tom Ford Beauty has every shade a fabulous girl needs to look sensational at night. Sexy nudes, glamour reds, moody plums, midnight blues and titanium blacks. Everything can be layered up to create a dynamic, modern face. Tom Ford Beauty is not about being a wallflower, its about walking into a room and letting the world know you have arrived. It is confidence, sexuality and seduction.

6. If You Don’t Have A Long Neck, Draw It.
You can create any face shape you want by using his Shade and Illuminate palette, a compact containing a brightening “lifting” cream and a darker “sculpting” cream. Ford says you can even create a jawline like Linda Evangelista’s with this product.

~Pro makeup artists contour their clients to the nth degree – no reason why you shouldn’t use the technique on yourself. Trust me – you’ll never look back…

7.Change Your Eyebrows – Avoid Plastic Surgery
Ford (like me) is eyebrow obsessed.
He believes eyebrows are the one thing you can dramatically change on your face without going under the knife. I agree wholeheartedly.
His Brow Sculptor lets you get a sharper angle on your brow.

~The best way to open and lift your face (think youthful gorgeous) is via your brows

8. Old Hollywood Glamour Is The Best Hollywood Glamour
~ Find your most amazing look, and stick to it. Don’t try and look like everyone else. Find your best you, and work it!

9. Bitter Bitch Is The New Vamp
Just about the sexiest chocolate brown nail color ever seen.
Ford has given his colors the sexiest names! Bitter Bitch and Viper nails, Love Lust cheeks, Black Orchid lips.

10 Its Chic To Wear Jeans And A T Shirt And Be Made Up
Damn straight.
Ford says the coolest 20 somethings that work in his London office strut in each day in high street clothes and immaculate makeup. They want to be fun, fabulous and glamorous.

source: most of this post was very liberally lifted from Plum Sykes fabu-article in Vogue, September 2011, with my personal opinions added in. Read the full article here: Ford Face

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