Raf Simons Christian Dior Paris Fashion Week July 2012

I have to admit

I was waiting to see Raf Simons first collection

for Christian Dior, with somewhat baited breath.

You see, I am a die hard John Galliano fan.

I adore his irreverence, his flamboyance, his ebullience.

To me, Galliano himself in a work of art.

Crazy, exciting art.

I have loved Raf Simons work at Jil Sander too.

I do enjoy that aesthetic.

But in my mind, Dior is the wild vision Galliano brings.

So anyway, to the collection.

It is being described as perfection.

It is being described as superb.

Which it was.

The fashion legacy of the house of Dior was married beautifully 

to Simons’ contemporary story.

Slim trousers topped with fit and flare dresses,

voluminous gowns topped with sheer tshirt like tops.

Craftsmanship, structure, beauty.

ooh look! Donatella and Allegra on the left, Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington on the right.

The Raf Simons narrative was modern and ladylike.

my favorite piece in the new Raf Simons Christian Dior Collection

But I was missing Galliano.

So much so that part way through 

I became more interested in watching

Her Serene Highness, Princess Charlene of Monaco

sitting in the front row.

I love her new hairdo.

She wears it well.

I wish they’d let me get my hands on her makeup though.

I would definitely marry some regal polish to her sporty chic look.

She’s got such a great face.

Probably not what I should be thinking about 

while watching a Dior show.

I will say though that I absolutely loved the makeup at Dior.

And the face cage thing.


 It was a fabulous show.

Raf Simons was great.

But I’m still a Galliano girl…

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