Coco Rocha ~ A Full Moon, Vs Magazine

I just love Coco Rocha!

She is so theatrical and magical

and always fully embodies

the character she’s playing.

She is never simplistic or static to watch.

She tells a million different stories so convincingly with her eyes,

let alone the body language she utilizes to tell her stories.

She’s brilliant.

Coco Rocha by Elle von Unwerth for Vs Magazine

This month she tells the story of a glamorous B movie actress

for photographer Ellen von Unwerth’s lens in Vs Magazine.

Styled by Victoria Adcock, hair by Vinz, fabulous Makeup by Regine Bedot

A Full Moon

Coco Rocha by Ellen von Unwerth

Coco Rocha Vs Magazine

Coco Rocha “A Full Moon”

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