The Seduction ~ Grazia Italia

There’s a lot to be said for black and white.

And for an English riding hat.

And for a banging eyeliner.

Grazia Italia by Schmidt and Gorges

Model Veneda Budny is a spectacular set of contrasts

in this gorgeous shoot by Schmidt and Gorges for

Grazia Italia.

In body hugging latex and leather

and form fitting fashion

she is equal parts fetish and seduction,

glamour and fashion.

And it all works so beautifully.

Veneda Budny for Grazia Italia

And ooohhh – that eyeliner!


The Seductress

Veneda Budny for Grazia Italia
The Seductress, Grazia Italia

Veneda Budny by Schmidt and Gorges

The Seductress

Veneda Budny, The Seductress

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