How To Store Your Perfume

Once they are opened, perfumes can last anywhere from one year to eight years.
There are however, a few tricks to make them last a long time,and to keep the fragrance strong and true.
Here are the guidelines:

Part of the allure of any perfume is the exquisite packaging.

Along with fragrance designed to transport you to a more glorious place, designers spent an enormous amount of time and money on the bottles they come in. 


They are so beautiful you want to keep them in sight, but thats not always the best idea.

Typically we think of keeping our perfume bottles in the bathroom, but that infact, is the absolute worst place to leave them.
Fragrances are super susceptible to temperature and to humidity, which can make them sharper, or even make them horrible.

 The best place to store them is somewhere dark and cool.

Storing perfumes in the refridgerator can increase their lifespan by up to 50%. (but make sure you keep them away from foods that easily absorb odors)

If not in the refridgerator, at least store them in a cupboard, or in a dark corner of your bedroom, away from direct sunlight, strong lamps and heat.    

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  1. Norm Shae
    May 28, 2020 / 9:24 pm

    Trying to find out what my miniature brooch perfume bottle is worth and if it’s from Czech.

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