8 Essential Items for Your Makeup Bag This Summer

For most of the year I’m all about more makeup.

During the summer months however, a face full of makeup looks ridiculous.

Step outside into the sunlight and whatever you’ve got going is magnified,

so an overload of makeup looks even worse.

So here is a list of 8 Essential Items for a pared down makeup bag for summer.

1. BB or CC Cream

Lose the foundation and opt instead for a skin enhancing, color correcting, tone and texture evening BB or CC cream. (if you’re unsure which to choose, CC creams are more about color correction, BB’s are more about skin enhancing. Both are fabulous.)

Your skin will look gorgeous and you wont look made-up.

2. ColoreScience Sunforgettable SPF 50

Protecting your skin from sun damage is crucial, and sunscreen has to be reapplied throughout the day.

This handy brush is easy to carry around and lets you reapply on the go, with no messy creams. It has the added bonus of going on smoothly and not creating a pasty, cakey layer to the skin.

3. Makeup Forever Aqua Brow

You need to tell a very simple story with your summer makeup.

Clean skin with an accent on brows and lips keeps you looking fresh faced and understated.

Makeup Forever Aqua Brow is a super concentrated (i.e. apply sparingly) waterproof eyebrow corrector.

The brows that you apply first thing in the morning will make it through humidity, swimming, perspiring – you name it, and will take you all the way through the evening.

A stronger accent on the brow can lift and open the eye, so long as you don’t make it too heavy.

4. A Lash Curler.

Use a good quality eyelash curler to lift the lashes and open the eye.

5. A Good Mascara

Accent your eyes with tons of mascara. Use it to lift and open the eye, not weighing it down with clumpy lashes. 

Aim to lengthen the lashes, keeping them glossy and defined with a mascara like Clinique High Definition Mascara, making sure you comb through to remove any clumps.

If you’re going swimming, running around in monsoons or battling high humidity opt for a waterproof formula, otherwise choose a water resistant mascara.

6. Bronzer

If needed, applied sparingly, use a champagne toned bronzer to add lift and warmth to your complexion.

Bronzer is supposed to make you look like you’ve been out in the sun, and should only hit the high points on your face – forehead, tops of the cheekbones and bridge of the nose, and your chin.

7. Highlighter 

I use the Smashbox Halo Highlighting Wand to brighten the tops of cheekbones, lift under the eyes and generally brighten the skin.

Its a fabulous transition product to reawaken your skin and make you look alive and vibrant as you go from a long day at work to a night on the town.

8. Vibrant, sexy lips

The key to making a simple, makeup free look work is to have an accent on the brows, and then balance it with a bright, exciting lip.

Try bold shades like Nars Schiap or MAC All About Orange

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