How To Treat A Sunburn

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If you’ve ever had a sunburn you’ll know what complete misery it can be. Here is a 6 Step Guide to How To Treat A Sunburn

1. Ibuprofen

Take ibuprofen, aspirin or other over the counter anti inflammatory as quickly as possible, both to help reduce inflammation at the site of the sunburn, and also to reduce the pain.

2. Lukewarm bath or shower

Either run a lukewarm bath (that is, not teeth chatteringly cold – keep it bearable) and add in some baking soda, or run a lukewarm shower, keeping the water stream gentle.

Avoid soaps, bath oils or detergents – they will just irritate the skin

3. Make Cold Compresses

Make cold milk compresses by soaking clean wash cloths in a bowl filled with equal parts milk, ice and water.

The fat, protein and pH of the milk have an anti inflammatory effect on the skin, while the cold temperature constricts blood vessels and reduce swelling.

Another great way to relieve the sting of sunburn and to take out the heat is to apply a wash cloth soaked in vinegar.

4. Apply Topical Relief

The best option is to apply fresh aloe (the gooey stuff inside the aloe leaf).

If you don’t have fresh aloe use over the counter aloe.

The steroids in Cortisone cream can be hugely beneficial for reducing inflammation, and the cream itself can feel soothing.

Keep the sunburned area super moisturized with a rich body product, such as cocoa butter.

5. Stay Hydrated

Drink water

Sunburn and sun exposure are both very dehydrating. Drink a minimum of 8 glasses of cold drinking water per day. Sports drinks and juices are also good, but water is essential.

6. Stay Out Of The Sun

Keep sunburned areas out of the sun. Wear loose fitting cotton garments and stay in the shade.

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