Vitamin C Skin Care

One of the most important things you can do for your skin (after strong, broad spectrum SPF and a killer moisturizer) is to introduce Vitamin C to your regimen.

Vitamin C is one of the very few products that has scientifically been proven to play a significant role in collagen production. It also is an antioxidant that goes after and destroys the free radicals that damage the skin cells and cause premature wrinkling and aging.
No matter which age group you fall into, building collagen and fighting free radicals are crucial steps to keeping your skin looking youthful, and utilizing vitamin C is an essential part of an anti-aging skin care program.


There is a problem with topical vitamin C products.

Vitamin C in skin care products is easily oxidized, killing the antioxidant properties and turning it into an expensive and largely ineffective citrus moisturizer. In order for a vitamin C skin care product to have any success in treating fine lines and wrinkles, and improving the skin, it must have a high concentration of the vitamin and it must be in its active state.
Which brings about another problem. Typically from the moment of manufacture, and assuming the product is held in optimal conditions, it is only effective for approximately 90 days.
So if your expensive bottle of vitamin C infused skin care has spent more than 90 days from the point of manufacture, to transporting it to your department store, to getting to the shelf, to getting to your house, you’ve wasted your hard earned cash.


I recently found an amazing vitamin C treatment from a new company called EstheCeuticals.

You buy it as a set. There is a serum, which contains hyaluronic acid and Ferulic acid (which recycles the vitamin C and boosts its efficacy)and a separate vial of vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid).
You get to regulate the concentration of vitamin C that your serum gets. A full vial will give you an amazing 20% concentration. The timer doesn’t start on your product until you mix the two vials. You then pour the mixture into the empty bottle provided, and you have the perfect vitamin C skin treatment product.
The 1 ounce bottle was cleverly designed to meet not only the average person’s needs, but also those of business travelers. For 90 days it can go anywhere you do!

The EstheCeuticals C and F Treatment Serum can be used daily, and is also part of their post laser and post microneedling protocols, designed to do fast repair work to the skin.

Vitamin C skin care needs to be stored out of direct sunlight, preferably in a cool, dark cupboard.

You can order EstheCeuticals C and F Treatment Serum online at the company website


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    Such a nice post on getting young-looking skin. These beauty and skin care tips surely help. Also, indulging to good anti-aging foods can also help.

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