How To Prepare Your Skin For Early Morning Makeup

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Makeup seems to go on and stay put far better after a good night’s sleep, but what about when you have to get up super early, or haven’t had nearly enough sleep? We’ve all had those days when our makeup either is gone or looks hideous by mid morning, so at eHow we decided to to a little tutorial on how to prepare your skin for early morning makeup:

How to Prepare Your Face for Early Morning Makeup — powered by ehow

To recap:

*Start with a gentle cleanse, using cool water to wakeup and invigorate your skin.
*Use an eye gel that you’ve kept in the fridge to both hydrate and breathe some life into your under   eye area. Gels can also remove puffiness.
*Alternatively, if you want to break out the big guns, use an under eye mask such as my personal     favorite, the amazing  Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels
* Revitalize your complexion with a moisturizer containing menthol and /or caffeine
* Use a really good primer, such as the Makeup Forever HD Primer

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